e-Waste for E-Conservation

Happy to address students from my alma mater & inter-act with Fr Jude at the assembly this morning on e4E ... e-Waste for E-Conservation (Click images below)

After almost five years in jail Stanislite, Arun Ferreira is found innocent ...

School badge

Do you have any authentic information on the evolution of our School badge? Let us know ...

Connecting up with Boarders from St. Stanislaus.

Hello all,

I went into the boarding school at the age of 6 - (1965-1974 ) Fr. Casale was the school principal atthe time and Fr. Kenneth was the boarding school prefect, supervisor, carer, surrogate parent etc.  My elder brother Pierre for whom school was an adventure was a reassuring presence. I for one was not too happy. But...

Now, with a few years under the belt, having travelled many a road, I am putting together on my FaceBook account, a Page of the boarders including the prefects at the time.I would be much obliged if any boarders receiving this would like to connect up. It does not matter when you were a boarder, if you want to connect up on FaceBook send me an Email or  a friends request on FaceBook – Anthony A Mendonca, and also let me know the year you were a boarder, not that it has any bearing on the subject other than to place you in my own memory of those days. 

If any other Stanislite has any contacts of any boarders or of the prefects/supervisors please do get in touch with me/send me the details. I would really appreciate that. 

Thanks again and Keep well.

Tony M


Looking for some boarders of St. Stanislaus

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Anthony A Mendonca

Ignatius Braganza
Ronald Rasquinha
Leeladhar ( can't recall the family name )
Leo/Lucas Cardoz
Cyril Furtado
Martin D'sa
Woy Fernandes
Thomas Castellino

Thank you very much
Tony Mendonca
Boarder & Class of 1975

STANISLAUS on a lazy Saturday afternoon ...

Would you believe the ediface was still ringing with the exuberance of its students as I clicked these pics on my phone this afternoon ...

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Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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