Shri Pradip Dande [Nagarsevak, Amravati] visited our Compost Station

Shri Pradip Dande [Nagarsevak, Amravati] visited our Compost Station at St Stanislaus High School, Bandra this afternoon along with Shri Prakash Bansod and Shri Bala Gavai, Headmaster, Panchsheel Adivasi Ashram School ... they have plans to replicate our Aerobic Bio-Digester Systems in Civic Wards & Schools in Amravati.

St Stanislaus High School Waste Management Project (on TV9)

TV9 featured our project on their programme Shaka 9

Maj. General (Retd.) Eustace D'souza Rest in Peace

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform you of the passing of one of  our most eminent alumni Maj. General (Retd.) Eustace D'souza PVSM (Class of 1937) on 26-March-2013 at 5pm.

The funeral service of Maj. General (Retd) Eustace D'souza PVSM was held on Sunday 31 March 2013 at 1600 HRS IST at St Peter's Church, Bandra West, Mumbai followed by burial at Mt. Carmel Church, Bandra.


Our Alma Mater's Badge ...?

At the Sesquicentennial Road Races a motley group of Stanislites, both ex & present harangued me about the colour of our school badge on my athletic vest circa 1973/74 which I'd proudly pinned onto my tee-shirt for the event.

Their tirade was that the background colour of the Stanislaus, Bandra badge was always green, never ever blue.

Although the shade seems skewed [thanx to the Pune manufacturer & our person that overlooked it], here friends are my Loyola House badges 1970 thru 75 [std XI] which incorporate our school badge ... proof that our alma mater's badge was indeed blue, i.e. a mix of our school colours, green & yellow.

The front of the vest has the name of our school emblazoned sash format in our school colours green & yellow. The back has the erstwhile name of our city Bombay emblazoned also in our school colours.

When & how that changed ... I'd like to know.

Saanich International School Programme

Alan Bryce, Saanich International Student Program, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada [ ] in discussion with Fr Jude Fernandes SJ, Principal, St Stanislaus High School [ ] conducted by Guiding Star 'Global Education Solutions' [ - ] on March 13, 2013

St.Stanislaus 150 YEARS YOUNG.

HOPE YOU WERE THERE.....YOU TUBE St.Stanislaus 150 years young.

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