Do you have a BIG heart to donate blood?

SSESA ( is organizing a Blood donation camp in the School Therapy room (near the Gym/Swimming pool) on this Saturday 19th November 2011 between 8am-1.30pm. While I am no more in the SSESA Managing Committee I help out whenever required.
First thiughts about the blood donation camp were "good idea, don't have the time, you have my support, you go ahead and donate blood" empty words really after what I heard from Holy Family Hospital who are conducting the blood donation camp.
They kept bugging Ilidio Borges who is co-ordinating this camp with phone calls 2-3 times a week asking about when SSESA was organizing the camp. To get them off his back Ilidio asked them what the deal was? Why the persistance and bugging? We were all surprised and shocked to learn there is an acute shortage of blood of all types even the common O+ leave alone the AB - and others. This is in our backyard where any of us or our families could need blood.
I am going to be donating blood on the 19-Nov and I appeale to all living in Mumbai to please make the time and donate blood. Seems trivial and a waste of time...only till one from my family requires blood in an emergency.
Thanks...(end of sermon)

Thank You Stanislites for supporting Healthcare 2011

Fund raising for the St. Stanislaus Teachers Healthcare program is a stressful time. We had a target of Rs 5 Lakhs and a deadline of raising the money before 25-October and we have been doing it for the last five years. Today 21-Oct we reached our target of Rs 5 lakhs after about 35 days.

This year has been especially stressful as we did not have an online payment gateway available and I was fearful that we may not reach our target. Online payments really give momentum to our fund raising efforts. However one person has over the years been silently raising funds (His Class of 1975 will testify not so silently :) ) for the cause without any demand to be recognized. Take a bow Bryce D’silva (Class of 1975). You are truly “Born for Greater things”, you give without counting the costs.

This year we were doubly blessed when Devdas Kamath (Class of 1976) worked with his batchmates to top the Class Ranking for funds raised.

Thank You my friends, I can sleep easier tonight.


Helping Yeshwant Ohal

This morning I had a visit from Yeshwant Ohal's wife and elder son. For the last four days he has been in the ICU of Guru Nanak hospital on a ventilator. At Guru Nanak there is no Social Worker to help economically weak, they just have to pay the bills. There was desperation on the faces of both mother and son. They do have the Teachers Healthcare card which will help them recover part of their expenses. Yeshwant's son works as a driver while the younger son works as a peon in our school.

Yeshwant was not one of our teachers who made an impact on us for life, he was a simple peon who swept our School floors and cleaned and watered the grounds. It is people like Yeshwant that make donating for the Teachers Healthcare program even more relevant and worth while.


Composting StationComposting is one of the best ways you can reduce the amount of waste you are responsible for. It is the most effective and efficient way of returning Carbon to the soil. When Composting is done at source the benefits are multiplied several times.
In the past year a few households, societies and institutions in Bandra have not had the need to use the daily BMC garbage trucks that contribute to the many landfills around Mumbai.

What started off as devising a simple low cost method for conveniently composting food waste for one family on an experimental basis has now spread to 20 other locations with many more in active discussions.
The Compost Tumbler has answers to problems faced by those who are already doing composting with varied levels of success; whether the stench, the rodents & cats, lack of space, no soil, meat & fish waste, etc. As it is closed it eliminates these factors as well as making for idealy weather-proof.
Ventilation allows fresh air in and drainage ensures ridding of excess moisture. A weather resistant frame with pivots for tumbling the bin results in an ideal aerobic composting environment that can be maintained for many years.

All that it needs is our wet and dry organic waste put in, a couple of tumbles a day and about 15 to 20 days later, depending upon conditions conducive, the compost is ready.

Role of Alumni

 The attached DNA (22 June'11)news article shows the importance given by the University of Oxford to the Alumni's role in its functioning.

Bai Ratanbai Gharda Memorial Library in Bandra (West)

In a day and age when Libraries are scarce in Mumbai it was refreshing to read this in today's Afternoon newspaper

Dr Keki Gharda (Class of 1941) we thank you for this fantastic library. This library is  an oasis in a concrete jungle that Bandra has become. I hope Stanislites make the time to visit the library.

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