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SSESA Lonavla Picnic 2011


All said and done it wouldn't have been possible to have such an enjoyable time without the coooperation of everyone who came with us and participated whole-heartedly.

We must appreciate Fr Francis D'mello SJ whose guidance was a crucial factor, the brothers Jeffery & Joel who were ever helpful, the Staff led by Giles & Benji for their tolerance and Capt Mel Pais who conducted a recce of the flora & fauna around the villa & sponsored a prize too.

In a very great measure to all the youngsters who gave of themselves so wholeheartedly to ensure we had a great time goes the ultimate credit. We need them to ensure that events such as these enhance SSESAs value at ground zero.

Probably the one thing that stood out for me was every single one at the picnic participating in the singing of our School Anthem word by word. The cachophony was something to die for.

I am posting here a quiz coined from info available on the SESSA & St Stanislaus' HS websites which brings out many interesting facets of our Alma Mater. Some of the posts were debated against at the picnic. Maybe we could help and clear things up. Here we go ... have fun.

teachers ... & teaching

A few observations from around the globe on teachers & teaching I found interesting; 

R.I.P. ex Stanislite LEO PINTO, Olympic Gold Medallist , Goal Keeper & Goal Scorer (1948)

In his message to SportsBandra '08, our patron, Leo Pinto pleaded "keep the fire (for sports) always burning (in our hearts)" ... we'll try and emulate your ideals ... always!

(i am re-producing here an article from this morning's Times of India)

Leo Pinto, India’s oldest Olympian, is no more


Olympian Leo Hillary Knowles Pinto, the oldest living Indian sportsperson, passed away on Tuesday. He was 96.
    In 1936, Pinto was a certainty for the Berlin Olympics but missed it after suffering a serious concussion during the Olympic trials. He was India’s goalkeeper at the London Olympics in 1948 when India won the gold.

    Born in Nairobi, Pinto came to Goa and then Bombay where he studied at Antonio De Souza and St Stanislaus. He learnt to play hockey, football, cricket, badminton and boxing. He was also very good in athletics.
    At the age of 13, Leo, almost instinctively it now seems, took the decision to don pads and become a goalie. He played for Byculla Rovers in the Aga Khan Cup hockey tournament. Pinto had a good life with Tata Sports Club who made him manager of their hockey team even while he was playing. RK Vissanji employed him post-retirement at Wallace Flour Mills. In 1972, Pinto was coach of the Indian Olympic team and served on the Bombay
Hockey Association in the 70s. He was also a good singer. Bach’s version of Ave Maria was a particular favourite.


“Dearest Lord,
teach me to be generous;
teach me to serve You as You deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labour and not to ask for reward
save that of knowing I am doing Your Will”


+91 9221472472

EUSTACE'S AMUL MOPPET . . . an insight

eustace gave me the original copy of an interview he gave verus ferreira in this regard published in the 'free press journal' on 16dec2007 (i couldn't attach a full scan here) ... the following is a copy of my letter to the editor of mm on friday, 12 march, 2010 based on that interview ...

Kind attention: Meenal Baghel (Editor - Mumbai Mirror)

Meenal Thank you for acknowledging the passing away of my dear friend Eustace in today's edition of your paper. As rightly stated by your news bureau his creation ... or, as he referred to it, his baby ... the Amul moppet is legendary in the Indian ad fraternity ... and may i add ... unique world-wide ... as one rare ad icon that has spanned over 40 years ... worthy of mention in the Guinness book of World Records. Where your bureau gets it absolutely wrong is crediting Sylvester daCunha along with Eustace. Please refer to my attached scan of an interview Eustace gave in 2007, "Hottie Turns Forty", where he vociferously defends his status as her sole creator in 1966 ... with proof of his early etchings ... while at Advertising & Sales Promotion. Only when the team at ASP parted ways did the account go to daCunha Communications, after it's inception in 1969. At the 33rd Dairy Industry Conference ... the then Vice President of India, B S Shekawat conferred the Dr Kurien Award for 2001-2002 on DaCunha, little knowing that the real creator of the moppet was the Art Director, Eustace ... a fact that daCunha acknowledged while addressing the conference.


EUSTACE FERNANDES (Amore, Perry Cross Rd) passed away this afternoon. His funeral mass will be at St Peter's Church tomorrow at 4:15pm followed by burial at Haine's Rd cemetery. The body will be kept @ St Peter's from 3:00pm for all to pay their last respects.

Eustace was a boon to St Stanislaus Institution ... benevolently lending his skills whenever needed ... as he did with various other charitable institutions, particularly the Jesuit fraternity. As a friend he was in a class of his own ... to everyone who knew him.

A little bit of Eustace will always live on in each of us who had the fortune of sharing his journey here with him.

Ciao my friend ... till we meet again ...

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