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Natus Ad Majora

When I (SSC, 1976) studied in St. Stanislaus, our school motto was "Natus Ad Majora". Nobody knew what this meant. Some time after we passed out from school, the English translation, "Born For Greater Things" was adopted. Wow! A truly inspirational motto!!

Fr. Aleu, Ramdas Nayak

Some random thoughts:

Fr. Aleu was a GREAT principal. He was temperamental, but fair and imaginative. Some time in 1975, maybe 1974, he introduced a system by which the last Saturday of every month was simultaneously 'Mufti Day' and 'Hindi Day'. All students could wear coloured clothes (not the uniform), and all students had to speak Hindi that day. If possible, teachers had to use Hindi as a medium of instruction. I remember Fr. Aleu stating in Assembly one day that it was a matter of shame that he, a Spaniard by birth spoke better Hindi than many of the totally-Indian students!

"Hill Road" was renamed "Ramdas Nayak Marg" around 1995. Many people know that Ramdas Nayak was a popular social worker and a BJP leader, but few know that Ramdas Nayak was a Stanislite! Fr. Aleu was one of his teachers. I know this because Ramdas Nayak was my maternal uncle. Ramdas Nayak's sons, Srinivas Nayak and Srikant Nayak are St. Stanislaus alumni.

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