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St.Stanislaus 150 YEARS YOUNG.

HOPE YOU WERE THERE.....YOU TUBE St.Stanislaus 150 years young.

LORDS of the LAST BENCHES by Julian D

 LORDS of the LAST BENCHES by Julian d         

The title of the book Lords of the Last Benches by Julian D is an inspirational statement made by Miss Hope, teacher of VII A at Stanislaus High School in the late 70’s and 80’s. The author is ever grateful to Miss HOPE.

Then her student, NOW an author..we are truly  


The author is featured in various print media, radio and on television, in Canada. Note worthy to be a special guest on the World Record (Guinness) Longest Talk Show with Suresh Joachim in Canada. 

Click on the following You Tube link.


Fr Jude Fernandes SJ. Current Principal of St.Stanislaus. 2012. 

"You just added one more feather to your school.

St. Stanislaus is proud of you".


Clarence Gomes Editor and Owner of Bandra Times. 

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