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The decline and fall of St. Stanislaus as a schools hockey powerhouse !

To all the Stanislaus sports lovers!

Recently, I watched a few of the U12, U10 hockey matches played on our schools Donelly gym as we called it. Here are some unpleasant observations:

To start with, other than those involved with Mumbai schools hockey and the various schools participating, I am almost positive that NO ONE ELSE would have the faintest idea that a schools hockey tournament was taking place on the school grounds. Reason- there was'nt so much as a Poster, placard or banner at the school gate to indicate so. Whose responsibility ?? MSSA(Mumbai school sports assoc) or Stanislaus (Host). You decide. In my opinion, knowing fully well the functioning and efficiency of govt. bodies (MSSA) conducting these events, the 'host' should provide the required facilities. Especially St Stanislaus ! Why ? Because we should live up to our motto that we are "..... born for greater things".

For the preliminary matches, whoever represented the 'host' school ie Stanislaus, was conspicuous by his absence. At the first match I witnessed, even the basic toilet facility was locked (at the far end of the shed) till the efforts of a parent rectified it.

Considering that we were the host school, the least that could have been provided was a couple of class rooms for the visiting teams to keep their belongings and change etc. Even the 'home team' were being given instructions by the coach in the little space outside the school gym. The coach was drawing out game plans on the floor tiles with chalk! One black board was all that was required. So much for home advantage!

Half time, and the players (boys U12) were sipping water from their own water bottles. I remember, we were given lime juice by the organisers in our times. Can the 'host' not provide a mere refreshment! Shame!

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