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Hey fellow Stanislites,

This is our very own site! It is only us who can take it in any which way we want!

Comments, ideas and suggestions (read bouquets and brickbats!) would go a long way in getting it where it should!

Another AGM, Another Prayer!

Why this Management Committee continues to persist with starting its meetings with a prayer baffles the likes of the large majority. For many years, the practice of prayer by a religious member of ‘one’ community has gone unchallenged.

A few reasons why this is a serious concern
• It discourages non-catholic members from participation in local activities and running for committee membership. (Non-Catholics constitute an overwhelming majority)
• This practice continues to flout the reason why the organization was created.

My last day in St. Stanislaus H.S.

Many a time during my long residence at the St. Stanislaus High School Boarding, I just wished I could get away for good. From a small 5 year old among 250 boys (many were rowdy), to a rebellious teenager is one long road, especially with the hard knocks. But on that very last day when it was just a matter of taking my trunk and bedroll, and going on my way, I held back. Yes I thought I was going to miss this place which occupied a decade and more of my life. This was the place where I was molded. This was the place where I became an independent individual, one that could survive most hardships, solve his problems alone. I was going to miss the dormitory, the refectory, the play grounds, the banyan tree, the swimming pool, the infirmary, the church, the class rooms, some teachers, some priests, and our gang.

Blood Donor Database

Duston D'souza took bad once again this morning. He has an infection and his platelet count dropped necessitating an urgent transfusion of blood. Once again I sent out SMS's and we got an immediate response.

My buddy Denver immediately spread the word and the first person to go to Raheja Hospital was Royce D'silva a fellow Stanislite.

John Nilankil of Holy Family School, Andheri worked silently and ensured that three students of Xaviertech, Mahim donated blood an hour ago. THANK YOU JOHN.

The power of the Stanislite Network

This morning I experienced the power of the Stanislite network as well as the Jesuit Network first hand.

I got a call from Teacher Anna Coreea of St. Stanislaus High School. A Stanislite Duston D'souza studying in Std. IX had undergone his second sitting of chemo-therapy at Raheja Hospital Mahim. He is being treated for leukemia at the hospital. His platelet count had dropped and he urgently need blood transfusion before 3.30pm.

looking for class buddies

Hi  to all you guys....

 I'm sure we're not all lost...we gotta be somewhere around..

so if you read this, please get in touch...I just wish I knew

about this website earlier...guess I have something to be

grateful for in the computer age after all...

So here's to looking to meet a BLAST from

the PAST...

Compustan–Why,What and When

With the introduction of personal computers in schools, it has become necessary to help children to explore and experiment with the many exciting features of software and maybe even develop a sense for hardware.

The Secondary Computer Department was set up 18 years ago and has been upgraded twice since then. In 2004, it was the vision of the tech savvy Principal Fr. Lawrie Ferrao who took the initiative towards a complete transformation of the facility to create a lab. The addition of 25 new computers to the existing 10 computers ensured that everybody got a ‘hands on’ experience.

Teachers visiting San Francisco

Teacher Alice is now in the bay area while Master Sharma will be visiting on the June 8th weekend.


Non-Denomination Prayers at SSESA Meetings

The SSESA represents all the communites and religions that our great country represents. It would help if SSESA ensures that it conducts a non-denomination prayer rather than a prayer (if and when it is ever held or they may be need to hold one) form representing a single community when it conducts meetings under the auspices of the association umbrella.

When in doubt "Shout"

Pertains to: Administrators of Class Groups

From time to time we get unknown persons registering on our site possibly to somehow gain entry and abuse the system.

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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