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Dr Joe - Further Details - Where is the Stanislite when I need one?

Dear All,

I was able to contact the Holy Family Hospital regarding Joe. He is in 'ICU' and currently (this is an approximation till yesterday) the bill stands at Rs 41,503.

His patient number or IP number is 120760607

His registered name is 'Kaippary Alfonso Maumkel'

The procedure is to get the bill from the patient's family and pay your contribution to Citizen's bank (located within Holy Family Premises)

Because We Dare To Dream!

Francis D'silva (1977 Stanislite now in Norway) and I met in San Diego this evening. Over a few cups of coffee, dinner and drinks we asked overselves

How do we take Stanislaus to the next level?

Is it just a dream? Is it just a figment of our imagination that we want to see change that produces great citizens from our alma mater?

The answer is 'NO, NOT AT ALL'. Rome was not built in a day and so let us not expect overnight transformation. One thing is clear - Let us not forget the 'POWER OF ONE' -One spark ignites another. The active participation of Alumni, Teachers, PTA and School Authorities will definitely take us to the next level!

rock n roll

anybody who went to stanislaus, just around the decade that i happened to. will relate rock n roll to more than
just the music genre.

i'm refererring to the highly innovative vada+pav batter fried to create the crazy shaped rocknrolls. available in the canteen at rs. 1.50.

it was a time before trans-fats were banned. a time before we knew how to spell cholesterol. And acidity was something you measured in the physics lab.

Joe the Medicine man

If there's anyone who remains firmly in my memory, it is Joe who ran the infirmary. He was always dresssed very neatly, if I remember his favorite was a khaki pant and a white bush shirt worn out (as against being worn inside the pant) and it gave the impression of being clinical. He was also well groomed with a sharp moustache and hair that did not move out of place. His speech was crisp and to the point as were his actions. I should know because I spent a lot of time in the infirmary in my early days. But what was most amazing was his technique of giving an injection. He would throw the needle from close enough as one would a dart. When I last saw him during my visit to India, he had not aged and seemed to be as fit as a fiddle.

Altar Boys

Being a boarder also meant a rigorous religious upbringing. Morning prayers, 6.15 am Mass, Rosary, prayers before and after meals, night prayers, and during Lent who prayed most, We. Then there was being an Altar Boy, but all prayers to be learnt were in Latin. Somehow I managed and frequently assisted in mass from as early as 5.30 in the Priest's Chapel, St Peter's Church, and in the girls convent opposite our school.

MacDonalds & Air Ace

I remember the small pastry shop opposite our school. My Aunt who visited me once on a visiting Sunday took me across and bought me a small cake. The man at the counter was a really nice guy; he recognized me as a boarder. On Sundays he would come around and ask the Fathers if we could distribute his flyers. And we were more than eager because he then gave us a real treat. Later I heard they went big time.

New year resolutions...

... seemed to have played themselves out. Or at least that's how I saw it till some time ago. On further reflection, I found them to be a good mechanism to set or renew personal ambitions and goals.

So, if the Ex-Student Association was a person; I wonder what this person's New Year resolutions would be? The mission statement for the association can give some direction -- however these are useless unless backed up with acheivable targets (or even targets to stretch for).

1950 onwards

For the first five years of my life I was surrounded by women. My grandmother, spinster aunts, my mother and sister were all the family I knew, except of course for my mother's elder sister Maggie and her children. At that time in Ahmedabad, I was put in the Kindergarten at Mount Carmel's School where my youngest aunt was a teacher. Then one day I just walked out of the school and was presumed kidnapped or lost.

Letter to Mrs Sonia Gandhi / Person of Influence

Here are Mrs. Sonia Gandhis details.



Format of Letter


Dear Mrs Gandhi/Name of Person,

I am an ex-student of a 150 year old renowned Jesuit institution located in Bandra, Mumbai namely St. Stanislaus High School.

Beginning life as a boarder.

After my tears rolled out of my eyes, I panned all over for my Mom but she had disappeared. I panicked and howled and tugged away from Brother Fonseca who held my hand firmly. He managed to control my hysterics and drew my attention to the small cake in my hand. Then he brought two or three small boys like me and we all held hands as in a rosary, as Brother led us to the Locker / Bathing rooms. I had never see so many showers in one place. I should've said I had never seen a shower at all. Then the lockers; strange boxes taller than me. Later we went to the dormitory which was a large hall with wooden flooring and only one metal cot in it. We were told to put our bed rolls on the floor and shown the adjoining bathing area. My new friends Bedford and Brian eyed my cake, so we dug into it and it quickly vanished. All the novelty of the moment and the many many boys of all shapes and sizes served to distract me. Then we were herded into the refectory which was another large rectangular hall with many long wooden tables and long benches. On them were metal plates and bowls. This was where we would have our meals.

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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