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Missing Framed Names of Matriculates

Hi Guys,

Not sure if I've blogged this before!

I did the SSC in 1979.  Till about then, there used to be a frame, (guessing) 3mx3m, with listings of a few years' matriculates, on the first floor landing of the staircase from the parlour to the school hall.

When I last heard, that frame was moved to the carpentry.  Does anyone know if that frame yet exists somewhere?

Of the whole lot of Stanislites in my family circle (3 generations), my Dad's name (Mervin Peter D'Mello) & uncle's name (Roman Irvin D'Mello (left India for England 1955 to do Barrister at Law, now in USA), & both alive, were on that frame!

Btw, my Dad's grand uncle, Fr Pascoal de Mello, was the first vicar of St Peter's around 1860.  And this I learnt 31 years after finishing school when my Dad told me so on a weekend he spent at ours here in Melbourne, Australia!




teachers ... & teaching

A few observations from around the globe on teachers & teaching I found interesting; 

The best schools in the western suburbs

I thought I would share this article that appeared in yesterdays Hindustan Times.

Use this link or see the pdf below

Boarding Prefects

How about starting a list of all Boarding Prefects who molded us to where all of us are now!

I will start with Fio Mascarenhas, Teddy Colaco, Simon D'Souza, Lancy, Richard Rodgers, Bro.(Mr.) D'Sa, Fr.Nunes, Fr.Jau(Head Prefect), Fr.Joe Prabhu(Head Prefect, my Uncle), Edgar Nazareth and numerous others whom I will add after consulting with my other brothers (all Stanislites),  Fr.Eustace sj, Eric and Everton. Our youngest brother, Eldred, also a stanislite boarder, passed away on February 14th, 1995 (RIP).  


R.I.P. ex Stanislite LEO PINTO, Olympic Gold Medallist , Goal Keeper & Goal Scorer (1948)

In his message to SportsBandra '08, our patron, Leo Pinto pleaded "keep the fire (for sports) always burning (in our hearts)" ... we'll try and emulate your ideals ... always!

(i am re-producing here an article from this morning's Times of India)

Leo Pinto, India’s oldest Olympian, is no more


Olympian Leo Hillary Knowles Pinto, the oldest living Indian sportsperson, passed away on Tuesday. He was 96.
    In 1936, Pinto was a certainty for the Berlin Olympics but missed it after suffering a serious concussion during the Olympic trials. He was India’s goalkeeper at the London Olympics in 1948 when India won the gold.

    Born in Nairobi, Pinto came to Goa and then Bombay where he studied at Antonio De Souza and St Stanislaus. He learnt to play hockey, football, cricket, badminton and boxing. He was also very good in athletics.
    At the age of 13, Leo, almost instinctively it now seems, took the decision to don pads and become a goalie. He played for Byculla Rovers in the Aga Khan Cup hockey tournament. Pinto had a good life with Tata Sports Club who made him manager of their hockey team even while he was playing. RK Vissanji employed him post-retirement at Wallace Flour Mills. In 1972, Pinto was coach of the Indian Olympic team and served on the Bombay
Hockey Association in the 70s. He was also a good singer. Bach’s version of Ave Maria was a particular favourite.

Olympian Leo Pinto passes away

I heard with great sadness of the death of Stanislite and Olympic Hockey goalkeeper Leo Pinto. Leo Pinto graduated from St. Stanislaus in 1932.

His funeral was held in Bandra on 11th August 2010 at St. Francis of Assissi Church. He was buried at St. Peter's Sea Side Cemetary.

May he rest in Peace.

Read Stanislite Pradeep Vijayakar's tribute in todays TOI

Read about Leo Pinto here


“Dearest Lord,
teach me to be generous;
teach me to serve You as You deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labour and not to ask for reward
save that of knowing I am doing Your Will”


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Another visit another excuse to meet

Francis D'silva and Michael Baretto are visiting Mumbai from Norway and it was yet another excuse for Class of 1977 and Junior College 1979 to meet over at Bandra Gym.

While we had a great time we missed Mike Baretto who did not show up. The surprise was meeting with Milton D'silva. At the end of the evening Neale was threatening to start singing the School Anthem, Peter Tool forgot he was Peter Tool and mentioned he knew Peter Tool...go figure that one :) and ended up in Chembur dropping off Francis there with Christopher and Errol for company. I was too chicken to travel at that time of the morning with three "boys" in high spirits with Peter at the wheel. yes it was a real happy time. George Matthew was meeting a friend as the night was still young. Me, I hit the sack, I must be really getting old.

The greatest years of my life

Hi guys!

Truly, those were the greatest years of my life.

From running down the corridors of this majestic school during the short breaks, to learning core values of life; I am indeed proud to be called a Stanislite.

This school has ingrained within us the basic foundation not only in the realm of education, but in morals, discipline, values and itegrity. Subsequent to passing out from this great institution, I was never again exposed to any kind of mentoring and nurturing by any other institution.

Being in the shipping industry in am in touch with ( Capt. ) Shashi D'Souze, ( Capt. ) Listen Periera and have met up with quite a few of our batchmates ( Sanjay Pandalay, Giles Periera, Uday Welling ) during our 'competency' examinations.

After sailing at sea from 1981-2005 I have finally hung up my sea boots, residing in Mumbai ( Andheri ) and work for 'Seaspan Ship Manaagement - Vancouver' at their local office in Mumbai. I am blessed with a wife, a son and a daughter.

An important aspect is that whenever I come across a 'Stanislite' from which ever  batch, there is still a special bonding among us and this just goes to indicated the tremendous influence this great institution has instilled within us.

I have only just signed up and will try and source some of our class photographs and upload them online.

PS: Does anyone know the whereabouts of our batch topper, Arvind Prabhu?

Really, what is more relevant than the Proverbs of King Solomon to sum up the magnificience and influence this great institution has had on all of us. Yes, we are overwhelmed.

Listen to advise and accept instruction and in the end you will be wise. Proverbs 19:20

Thank you and God bless you all,

Alfred Gomez






1971 War Heroes - An Article in The Bandra Star

Dear Ex- Students,

My mother preserved an article from the Bandra Star regarding the War Heroes of 1971. I have enclosed a scanned copy of the same to add on to the  history of stanislites (Armed Forces).  My mother added an old pic of mine before scanning as the newspaper could not get my picture at the time of publishing.


- GpCapt (Retd.) Ashley Rodrigues 

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