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EUSTACE'S AMUL MOPPET . . . an insight

eustace gave me the original copy of an interview he gave verus ferreira in this regard published in the 'free press journal' on 16dec2007 (i couldn't attach a full scan here) ... the following is a copy of my letter to the editor of mm on friday, 12 march, 2010 based on that interview ...

Kind attention: Meenal Baghel (Editor - Mumbai Mirror)

Meenal Thank you for acknowledging the passing away of my dear friend Eustace in today's edition of your paper. As rightly stated by your news bureau his creation ... or, as he referred to it, his baby ... the Amul moppet is legendary in the Indian ad fraternity ... and may i add ... unique world-wide ... as one rare ad icon that has spanned over 40 years ... worthy of mention in the Guinness book of World Records. Where your bureau gets it absolutely wrong is crediting Sylvester daCunha along with Eustace. Please refer to my attached scan of an interview Eustace gave in 2007, "Hottie Turns Forty", where he vociferously defends his status as her sole creator in 1966 ... with proof of his early etchings ... while at Advertising & Sales Promotion. Only when the team at ASP parted ways did the account go to daCunha Communications, after it's inception in 1969. At the 33rd Dairy Industry Conference ... the then Vice President of India, B S Shekawat conferred the Dr Kurien Award for 2001-2002 on DaCunha, little knowing that the real creator of the moppet was the Art Director, Eustace ... a fact that daCunha acknowledged while addressing the conference.

Meeting my craft teacher! Who started the `house’ system at our school

By Pradeep Vijayakar (Class of 1961-66)

I said `Good morning teacher “in the unlikeliest of places on Saturday—in the visitors lounge of intensive care at Holy FamilyHospital in Bandra. Ex-Stanlislite crafts teacher Odette Noronha (1960-72) was another visitor. Her husband also a Stanisilite Edward Pereira was down with a heart problem. I was there for my mother-in-law.

Teacher and student spent the whole night chatting away without realizing about our relationship going back to forty years. I was student 1961-66. Frankly I couldn’t recollect who was the crafts teacher but my cousin Deepak (Godrej) would always recall the craft teacher and Poetry Teacher (one withy fuzzy hair). Teacher Odette told me she was the one who started the `house’ system in the school. Kostka house and all.

Whenever I meet people I don’t intrude, don’t right away ask their names, what they are, what they do my. I think that’s good manners. Actually, the other party gets worried why people don’t want to know about them, no one wants anonymity I suppose. But I do. I seldom go on proclaiming I am the Assistant Editor of the world’s biggest broadsheet, The Times of India. (Teacher still doesn’t know that unless the wife has let it out; she was keeping her company after I left).


EUSTACE FERNANDES (Amore, Perry Cross Rd) passed away this afternoon. His funeral mass will be at St Peter's Church tomorrow at 4:15pm followed by burial at Haine's Rd cemetery. The body will be kept @ St Peter's from 3:00pm for all to pay their last respects.

Eustace was a boon to St Stanislaus Institution ... benevolently lending his skills whenever needed ... as he did with various other charitable institutions, particularly the Jesuit fraternity. As a friend he was in a class of his own ... to everyone who knew him.

A little bit of Eustace will always live on in each of us who had the fortune of sharing his journey here with him.

Ciao my friend ... till we meet again ...

The decline and fall of St. Stanislaus as a schools hockey powerhouse !

To all the Stanislaus sports lovers!

Recently, I watched a few of the U12, U10 hockey matches played on our schools Donelly gym as we called it. Here are some unpleasant observations:

To start with, other than those involved with Mumbai schools hockey and the various schools participating, I am almost positive that NO ONE ELSE would have the faintest idea that a schools hockey tournament was taking place on the school grounds. Reason- there was'nt so much as a Poster, placard or banner at the school gate to indicate so. Whose responsibility ?? MSSA(Mumbai school sports assoc) or Stanislaus (Host). You decide. In my opinion, knowing fully well the functioning and efficiency of govt. bodies (MSSA) conducting these events, the 'host' should provide the required facilities. Especially St Stanislaus ! Why ? Because we should live up to our motto that we are "..... born for greater things".

For the preliminary matches, whoever represented the 'host' school ie Stanislaus, was conspicuous by his absence. At the first match I witnessed, even the basic toilet facility was locked (at the far end of the shed) till the efforts of a parent rectified it.

Considering that we were the host school, the least that could have been provided was a couple of class rooms for the visiting teams to keep their belongings and change etc. Even the 'home team' were being given instructions by the coach in the little space outside the school gym. The coach was drawing out game plans on the floor tiles with chalk! One black board was all that was required. So much for home advantage!

Half time, and the players (boys U12) were sipping water from their own water bottles. I remember, we were given lime juice by the organisers in our times. Can the 'host' not provide a mere refreshment! Shame!

Tr Dolly Correa ill

Tr Dolly Correa (Leone) is seriously ill in the Lilavati Hospital ICU. Please pray for her swift recovery.

Terence D'lima expired on 10 Feb. 2010 - batch of 1972

Another boy from batch of 72, Terence D'lima died on 10 Feb 2010 at Nair Hospital at Mumbai Central. I understand that he died of 'multiple organ failure'.

In a span of two weeks, two boys have died from 72 batch ....

Terence had his right leg amputed sometime in May 2009 and he was recovering quite well (at least, thats what he told me ...). I had postad a few blogs on Terence D'lima sometime during March, April, May or June 2009 stating his condition and he seemed to be doing pretty much OK.

Terence was residing at Neral (near Matheran, Karjat). He was very knowledgable on the flora and fauna in and around Matheran. he was also knpwledgable on the Heritage sites in Mumbai, Pune etc. He was a bachelor.

His Mass and Funeral was held today (12 Feb 2010) at 4.00 pm at St Peters' Seaside Cemetary. I made it a point to attend the mass and funeral. At the funeral, I met over 15-16 guys from 72 batch and we all recollected the times that we had at our GREAT school. But needless to mention, the atmosphere was somber.

After the ceremony was over, we went to Vivian Fernandes' home (he lives very close to St Peters' Seaside Cemetary, and we have decided to meet more often. For starters, we have fixed 20 Feb 2010 (Sat) at Khar Gymkhana at 6.30 pm as the meeting point or whatever.

stay connected with your batchmates (and if possible, your school-mates), guys. life is too short to hold grudges.

sad demise of Ainsley Athaide - batch of 1972

I am rather late in submitting a sad news that my batchmate of 72, Ainsley Athaide expired of a sudden heart attack on 26 Jan 2010 at Mumbai. The funeral took place on 28 Jan 2010 at St Peters' Seaside Cemetary at 4.00 pm.

He had attended the 'Bond of Boys' function in Jan 2009 ... yes Jan 2009. (He did not attend the Jan 2010 'Bond of Boys' program). We have two lovely pictures of Ainsley having a GREAT time at the Jan 2009 program. I will try and up-load these two pics shortly.

Most regretably, I could not attend his funeral, but i found out that a lot of 72 batch boys attended the Mass and subsequent funeral.

May GOD grant Ainsley eternal Peace.

Ainsley Athaide - R.I.P. (Batch of 1972)

Jul 1955 - Jan 2010 May his soul rest in peace!

Republic Day 2010 @ St Stanislaus

I visited the School for the Republic Day celebrations yesterday and here is my amature video of the same



Joseph Melville Pinto (Class of 1967)

I enjoyed the seminar "Beyond the Classroom" on 9 January 2010. I would like that the activities proposed there should take some concrete shape.

I am an editor by profession and based in Pune since 1983. As such, I can do editing work from home. Then the editing material can be uploaded by one person in-charge of the SSESA website. I am also willing to work on any editorial committee that may be set up to prepare a book or materials on the occasion of 150 years of St Stanislaus in 2013.

I do not know how many SSESA alumni are in Pune. But I can help to organise and run an SSESA chapter, based at St Vincent's, Pune. Besides, I am keen to help in any fund-raising activity, by campaigning among SSESA members. Basically, any work that can be done through the Net.

I have my own blog and am active on Facebook and Orkut, which are excellent networking sites that can be used by SSESA.

I am also involved with educational programs, like training and empowerment for trustees, principals and teachers of educational institutions. I do this work three days a week with the Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana in Pune.

My long term plans.

I will complete 60 years on 5 March 2011. After 60, I intend to devote most of my time to writing and involvement with the following institutions and organisations that I have been associated with:

1. Central Railway School, Manmad (1958-61)
2. St. Stanislaus, Bandra (1961-63)
3. St. Mary's (SSC), Mazagaon (1963-67)
4. St Xavier's College, Dhobitalao (1967-71)
5. Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work, Mumbai
6. Dept of Sociology, University of Mumbai.

7. Centre for Education & Documentation, Mumbai.
8. Science Education Group, Mumbai.
9. Lok Vidnyan Sanghatana, Maharashtra.
10. Maharashtra Herald, Pune (1983-96)
11. Dept of Communication & Journalism, University of Pune.
12. Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.
13. Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana, Pune.

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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