The Best Schools in Mumbai West

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St. Stanislaus has been rated among the ten best Schools in the Western suburbs. Read the story that appeared in the Hindustan Times

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nice - just one anomaly

nice - just one anomaly though - shouldn't our alma mater have been listed seperately as "the best school ever"? i'm sure iqbal would've added a trillion 'hips' to his hooray then ...

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Natus ad maiora - never have

Natus ad maiora - never have these immortal words had a more profound meaning and all Stanislites and ex-Stanislites should walk with their heads held high.  Not that we were less proud before, but this just re-rejuvenates that feeling again.

Truly " we are proud to be your boys "

Aubrey Fonseca

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What strikes me as being

What strikes me as being significant and also  amazing is the fact that the monthly tuition fees have not gone up and seem to be at the same levels as when I was a student 40 years ago! ( I refer to the fee table mentioned in the article refered to).

That apart, what is striking is the fact that  all the other schools in that list are what can be called eltiist institutions. Whereas our Alma Mater still continues to give the same level of infrastructure and perhaps better than what the others provide! Stanislaus continues to be a haven of educational opportunity for all classes of students as it was in my days as a student of this great intitution!! Long live the Alma Mater how true you are to your inspiring motto " Natus Ad Maiora"

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Re: New Story: The Best Schools in Mumbai West

Hip Hip - Hooray!!

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