Boarding Prefects

How about starting a list of all Boarding Prefects who molded us to where all of us are now!

I will start with Fio Mascarenhas, Teddy Colaco, Simon D'Souza, Lancy, Richard Rodgers, Bro.(Mr.) D'Sa, Fr.Nunes, Fr.Jau(Head Prefect), Fr.Joe Prabhu(Head Prefect, my Uncle), Edgar Nazareth and numerous others whom I will add after consulting with my other brothers (all Stanislites),  Fr.Eustace sj, Eric and Everton. Our youngest brother, Eldred, also a stanislite boarder, passed away on February 14th, 1995 (RIP).  


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Fr Bristol, Fr Kenneth, Fr

Fr Bristol, Fr Kenneth, Fr Placido Fonseca, Fr Michael Coutts, Fr Edgar Nazareth Fr Evarust (? ) and of course Fr Barjau (who was Rector not Prefect)

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Fr. Austin Fernandes and

Fr. Austin Fernandes and Fr. Rudolph Fernandes both 3 rd Division in 1960

Fr. (Mr.) Victor Affonso 2 nd Division 1964 and later with Bro Basil D'Penha  

Fr. William Rebello (Willy) also about 1964 and later 1 st Division

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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