Class of 1975

Class of  1975

Picture courtesy Ryberg Henriques (Sydney)

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My name is MOHAMMED RAFIQ SHAIKH.   I too still have this class ( classic ) photo.   I am standing in the second row from the top in the 3rd place from the left of the picture.     The first guy standing in the second row on my right side is ALTAF CONTRACTOR.   The 4th guy standing in the third row from left is MILIND PATHARE  and the 7th guy (short one) in the same row is SHAH .........  Our class teacher was Ms. Bokadwalla..      Ryberg Henriques .......... are you the one standing all alone in the centre of the top row..? ? ?

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Hi Rafiq Do you remember me

Hi Rafiq

Do you remember me (Alan D'Silva). We use to travel together on the train when I use to come from Chembur and you from Wadala. Any news from Altaf. It is great looking at the group photograph. Sad that I do not remember names. the tallest guy standing is Percy. then there is Melwyn D'Mello. I am the small guy in the penultimate row in front of Ryberg

I am in Spain, Madrid since 1985 , but do visit India every year.

Lets keep in touch and hope we can contact more of our classmates through this web.

My email is





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nice post Ryberg. I can

nice post Ryberg. I can recognise Carmo, Yusuf, Denzil, Veejon, Shabir and that is you right at the back?

Desmond (and I wasn't in this class...., was in 11A - Aranha's class....)

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