EUSTACE'S AMUL MOPPET . . . an insight

eustace gave me the original copy of an interview he gave verus ferreira in this regard published in the 'free press journal' on 16dec2007 (i couldn't attach a full scan here) ... the following is a copy of my letter to the editor of mm on friday, 12 march, 2010 based on that interview ...

Kind attention: Meenal Baghel (Editor - Mumbai Mirror)

Meenal Thank you for acknowledging the passing away of my dear friend Eustace in today's edition of your paper. As rightly stated by your news bureau his creation ... or, as he referred to it, his baby ... the Amul moppet is legendary in the Indian ad fraternity ... and may i add ... unique world-wide ... as one rare ad icon that has spanned over 40 years ... worthy of mention in the Guinness book of World Records. Where your bureau gets it absolutely wrong is crediting Sylvester daCunha along with Eustace. Please refer to my attached scan of an interview Eustace gave in 2007, "Hottie Turns Forty", where he vociferously defends his status as her sole creator in 1966 ... with proof of his early etchings ... while at Advertising & Sales Promotion. Only when the team at ASP parted ways did the account go to daCunha Communications, after it's inception in 1969. At the 33rd Dairy Industry Conference ... the then Vice President of India, B S Shekawat conferred the Dr Kurien Award for 2001-2002 on DaCunha, little knowing that the real creator of the moppet was the Art Director, Eustace ... a fact that daCunha acknowledged while addressing the conference.

Eustace had in his possession the legal document proof from GCMMF naming him as the sole creator of the Amul Butter moppet. At his bedside always stood the invaluable plaster-of-paris model of 'his little girl'. In Eustace's own words "daCunha does not deserve any credit, since the mascot was created by me without any assistance or directions from him. In fact he wanted a different girl with a pig-tail drawn in a three dimensional style in a different colour scheme and i rejected this concept after making a few sketches." He says "The idea came to me in a flash when we were given the Amul account. At that time I had only five thick coloured markers that I had brought back from Spain ... blue, orange, green red & black. From these limited colours the girl was born. She got an orange face, a red polka dotted dress, blue hair, green lettering ... the 'utterly butterly' delightful slogans the whole country looked out for ... and the black border of every Amul hoarding." Eustace went on to create the Amul cheese boy and a host of other iconic mascots. He goes on to state that even the idea of using a little girl as a mascot ... came from K. Kurian ... the Creative Group Head in-charge of Amul Ads at ASP... in fact daCunha was totally against the final product. "And today he is claiming credit as the creator of the (Amul) girl and wants his name in the Guinness Book ..." When contacted, Sylvester wouldn’t respond. Amidst all the illnesses he was battling ... the fact that an old friend and colleague could do this disturbed Eustace immensely ... leaving him unnecessarily fatigued ... and I saw this first hand. Sadly, he carried this unhappiness to his grave. I sincerely expect you to redeem Eustace's unique stature in your paper ... even more so being a member of the respected grand old Times Of India family. In fact I would solicit your establishment's assistance in garnering support to give my friend Eustace his rightful place in the Guinness Book of World records ... something he always pined for. It would make all of India proud ... as would it give the plethora of those touched by Eustace's benevolence a cause to rejoice. Moreover, as all of us who had the fortune of sharing however big or small a part of Eustace's 'utterly' wonderful journey here will agree ... Eustace deserves this one ... to the fullest. Thank you. [ Denzil Rego ]

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