February 2012


No, I did not get lost. True, it’s been some time since I posted a blog entry. No excuses either! After ages it seems, I expect to be in Mumbai between the 12th to the 15th of February 2012. During this brief period, I hope to visit Vinayala where Fr. Bulchand is resident. On the 14th of February, I plan to visit St. Stanislaus high School. Do not ask me why? I guess because it played such a big part in my childhood. Perhaps because so many of my memories are rooted there. Maybe I hope to meet old timers  like myself who shared the same space and experiences. How do I go about getting in touch with SSESA members who know me from back then?
I would love to talk to senior students who are looking for careers. So also, I would love to meet young students who are seriously financially disadvantaged. And I have just one day. Any ideas?
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Hi Daril,  How are you &

Hi Daril, 

How are you & family. ? I hope all is well.Like you ,I went on the blog after along time to see if I could contact some old boarding friend.Right enough.  I saw your blog entry December 6,2011.How"s that you did not get in touch with us as you have said that you would be down in Febuary 2012. Gerry(SSESA) would have helped you if you had gone to the school.For any information on the boarding or boarders, Gerry gets in touch with me. I visit Fr Bulchand from time to time.He longs to meet the boys.Keep in touch with him on email Bye for now.




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Re: Comment in group for Blog entry : February 2012

Hello Frank,

Thanks for your mail.
My blog entry was reaching out to one and all. Since there was zero
response, I had no one to plan a get together with.

My trip to Mumbai was very brief. In two days I was required to travel to
all ends in a rented cab. Given the traffic, etc, it became too tedious. So
any expedition to St. Stanislaus may have been pointless.

In all that, I visited Vinalaya and met Fr. Bulchand. It was very moving to
meet and talk with him. I really wish that in the near future it will
possible to meet up with all of you.

Thanks and Best Wishes,
Daril Atkins

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