Fr. Bulchand

Father Bulchand was a rare individual. The first impression I had of him was that he appeared to be bundle of energy. That energy seemed to come out from his stare which seemed to go right through you. He was our high school maths teacher, and though he was brilliant in the subject, he presumed you were equally good at the subject. This is where we developed a mutual dislike. He eventually informed me that since I had no brains, it would be better for me to take up an apprenticeship in a garage. I didn't believe him, or for that matter I didn't believe any teacher's negative comments. Good for me! He was also our Prefect for some time and the reason I remember him is the example he set in repentance and humility. Thus my respect for him was renewed.

It so happened that there was an incident and that the alleged culprit was identified. That night after night prayers, Father Bulchand called the alleged culprit to the center of the dormitory. Then he undid his own belt and gave that boy a whipping he would never forget. We were all stunned and there was a deathly silence. The next day once again before going to bed, after the night prayers, Father Bulchand put off the lights and took off his cassock. He said loudly that he had made a grievious mistake and whipped the wong boy. Therefore he apologised publicly and proceeded to whip himself even more than he did the previous night. After this we saw this great and humble man in a new light. I don't know where he is now but I may God bless him.

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Hi Daril, I recollect the

Hi Daril, I recollect the incident that led Fr.Bulchand to whip himself for the mistake he made.Do you remember that before any great feast of the Jesuit saints like St.Ignatius Loyola,St.Francis Xavier,St.Stanislaus Kostka,the last two periods in the evening the Catholic boys used to have instructions in church,where we would be given a talk on the particuler saint's life followed by confession.The classes that reached early to church would have to occupy their places and wait till all the boys entered the church.During the waiting period,some of the boys would chit-chat instead of keeping silence.There was a "chamcha" of Fr.Bulchand by the name of Aloysius,who was a day scholar.He used to report to Fr.about the misbehaviour of the boarders.He reported to Fr.that Edward Noronha(expired) was talking in the church.Fr.caned him in the night but on the next day he realised that there was a mix-up.It was not Edward but Edmond who was talking in the church.For this error,he whipped himself. Daril,you have forgotten that after whipping himself,he showed us the F.A.Cup football finals in the dormitory something that surprised many of us as he showed the least interest in sports. I recently visited Fr.Aloysius Bulchand at Vinayalaya(Andheri).He is in the infirmary but very alert at the age of 81.
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Fr. Bulchand is now in

Fr. Bulchand is now in Vinayalaya and a retired old person not the one we remember.
He loves Elchi Bananas and chocolates.
try to meet him on your trip to Bombay.. Sorry MUMBAI.

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Yeah darrel is right.
Fr. Bulchand was a very strict and vigilant teacher and prefect.he did make mistakes and repented for it as mentioned by darrel.
But we all learnt form hn and God Bless him.
I too wonder where he is and wherever he is our prayers are for him
Philon coutinho

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Fr Bulchand

Well bless my soul my memory is not that bad as I thought it was , I remember the incident re Fr Bulchand and the rumours that his family was very rich and we wondered at that time what made him embrace the catholic faith, I dont know if you would remember names like the brothers Jocylin and Brian Edwards they lived in what was then Poona, Philon Coutino, The family that had their house which backed on to the grounds of the little play ground, (was a time they made the local hootch) Desmond Sequeira who was a day scholar listening to the Bianca Hit Parade from the balcony of the dorm played at full volume by the family that lived opposite

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Hello Peter, There were

Hello Peter, There were three Edward brothers,Eugene,Joslyn and Brian.I happened to meet Joslyn and Brian some years ago.Eugene was close to me but before I could meet him,he expired.Joslyn expired a few years later.Brian is in Poona(Pune) but not heard much of him.I remember the uncle from the house know as "The Bridget House" opposite the balcony of the dormitory,used to play for us songs like"Love letters in the sand","Bernardine",ets. Bye for now. Frank Mascarenhas(Butler)
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Hello Peter Sent you a mail

Hello Peter
Sent you a mail recently.
Hope you received the same and please reply and be in touch.
I live in Silvassa about 2 hours by road from bombay towards ahmedabad but much closer.
All the best

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