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1979 batch - US count 33

Hi Guys,

Only recently signed up here.  Have known that 32 of our batch hit the US, & learnt of the 33rd (tho' this guy is probably based in the US now) just this week!

Heck, we're all in our forties now!

Have Googled several names in lunch breaks at work, but seldom at home!  Made contact with one in  Baltimore a few months ago (& some o/s the US via  We are in touch.

Would anyone know of Clement de Sousa (surname spelt differently?) who left India in 1983?  Heard last he was doing aeronautical engg at Lansing, MI. He lived opp. Mt Carmel's, Bandra.

What about Vivek Dixit (he lived in Babanagar -? block, St Peter Rd), Sachin (forget his surname, of Babanagar B block,was studying chemistry), Mark de Sousa Lawrence (heart specialist's son), Russel Mascarehnas (last practising medicine in TX?), Imtiaz Chhatriwala (also Baltimore?; live in bldg next to Go Nidhi, Hill Rd), John Mundadeen (San Diego, CA? lived off Turner Rd, Bandra), Rohit D'Souza (was at UC Berkley? lived at Sunflower, opp. Otter's club, Carter Rd, Bandra) or any of the 1979 batch?

If they're okay to get in touch, please let me know.

Regards from Melbourne,

mobile +61402246364

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