Funeral Service of Fr. Bulchand SJ

Dec 23 2012 - 4:00pm
Dec 23 2012 - 5:59pm

With deep regret we have to announce the death of Fr Bulchand SJ on 22-December-2012. Funeral service will be held at 4pm on Sunday, 23-December 2012 at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai followed by burial. Fr. Bulchand served at St. Stanislaus in the 1960's as teacher and Prefect of the Boarders. May he rest in Peace.

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 We have lost one of the

 We have lost one of the bravest priests. I can never forget an incident when one of the boys yelled SNAKE! whilst the morning assembly was on. He quickly entered the class room (VIII B) and grabbed hold of the snake by its tail, when it was slithering away.By then he had also swung  into the rear corridor, and started whirling his arm so the snake's head was repeatedly smashed on the floor.

His alertness and quickness on his feet were his hall mark which enabled me notice him in the late 70's at Delhi airport. That was when I met him last.

Fr. Bulchand RIP.

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