The greatest years of my life

Hi guys!

Truly, those were the greatest years of my life.

From running down the corridors of this majestic school during the short breaks, to learning core values of life; I am indeed proud to be called a Stanislite.

This school has ingrained within us the basic foundation not only in the realm of education, but in morals, discipline, values and itegrity. Subsequent to passing out from this great institution, I was never again exposed to any kind of mentoring and nurturing by any other institution.

Being in the shipping industry in am in touch with ( Capt. ) Shashi D'Souze, ( Capt. ) Listen Periera and have met up with quite a few of our batchmates ( Sanjay Pandalay, Giles Periera, Uday Welling ) during our 'competency' examinations.

After sailing at sea from 1981-2005 I have finally hung up my sea boots, residing in Mumbai ( Andheri ) and work for 'Seaspan Ship Manaagement - Vancouver' at their local office in Mumbai. I am blessed with a wife, a son and a daughter.

An important aspect is that whenever I come across a 'Stanislite' from which ever  batch, there is still a special bonding among us and this just goes to indicated the tremendous influence this great institution has instilled within us.

I have only just signed up and will try and source some of our class photographs and upload them online.

PS: Does anyone know the whereabouts of our batch topper, Arvind Prabhu?

Really, what is more relevant than the Proverbs of King Solomon to sum up the magnificience and influence this great institution has had on all of us. Yes, we are overwhelmed.

Listen to advise and accept instruction and in the end you will be wise. Proverbs 19:20

Thank you and God bless you all,

Alfred Gomez






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G'day Alfred & Deepak, I

G'day Alfred & Deepak,

I think I remember you, Alfred, of our '79 batch.  Are you the guy who lived past Jude's Cold Storage, Pali Junction?  Apologies, Deepak, I don't seem to remember you!

Well, well, well, I've been in touch with quite a few of our batch via FB & email.  The guys up in Canada (Dennis Fonseca, etc) have been sending emails every now & then.

Arvind Prabhu has his own practice/surgery around Detroit, MI.  There are dozens of batchmates in the USA & some in Canada.  Very few here in Australia that I've been able to contact.

Happy to know some are still in Bandra: John Pereira, Kasim Dholkawala (who is Shashi D'Souza's neighbour, I learnt recently!) & Atul Tshetry (forgive the spelling, Atul!).



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 I think we must be from

 I think we must be from the same batch because you mentioned Arvind Prabhu.

I think he is in New York.I too live in andheri & was in x d with arvind.

Do you connect with anyone else from our batch.

Deepak Uchil


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