L to R: Bro.Joseph Tort, Fr. Vincent  Banon, Fr. Albert  Jou, Bro.Raymond  Fonseca, Fr. Freddie Alphonso (Year mid 1950's)

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Fr. Jou and Brother Tort

Fr. Jou and Brother Tort are now at St. Stanislaus. Ask then which years that photograph was taken. A guess would be 1957. When the date is correct then may up date the photograph. Cheers.

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This picture taken in the

This picture taken in the mid fifties during their period of Regency in the Society.

Second from left could be Fr. Banon and the extreme right is Fr. Freddie Alphonso, elder brother of Fr. Herbert  Alphonso,

now in Rome. Both ex students who topped their respective batches at the SSC board exams.


Frank Mascarenhas or Peter Fernandes could confirm as they were both in the boarding at that time.



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Hi   Godfrey, (L to

Hi   Godfrey,

(L to R) 

  1. Bro.Joseph  Tort,  he  was  in  charge  of  the  infirmary  and  also  collected  the  fees  of  the  boarders  /day - scholars  way  back  in  1953.  He  was  an  excellent   footballer.  He  is  at  present  in  St.  Stanislaus.
  2. Fr.  Vincent  Banon,  he   was  the  first  division  Perfect.  He  was  a  very  good  swimmer.  He  is  the one  who  taught   me  to  swim  at  Lonavla.  Gone  to  the  Lord  22  June  2007.
  3. Fr.  Albert Jou,  he  was  the  second  Prefect  of  the  second  division  in  1957-58. The  following  year , he  was a  Prefect  in  the  third  division.  He  is  at  present  in  St.  Stanislaus. 
  4. Bro.  Raymond  Fonseca,  he was  the  Prefect  of  the  third  division. Gone  to  the  Lord. 
  5. Fr.  Freddie  Alphonso,  he  was  the  Prefect of  the  second  division. Gone  to  the  Lord. His elder  brother  is  Fr. Herbert  Alphonso ,he  is  in  Rome.

    The  picture  was  taken  in  the  mid-fifties  during  the  Regency  period  in  the  Society of  Fr  Vincent Banon,  Fr. Albert  Jou  &  Fr.  Freddie  Alphonso.  They  were  ordained  priest  a  few  years  late

    Godfrey,  I   must  say   that  you  have  got  a  good  memoir  of  the  school  days.

    Take  care,
    Bye  for  now.

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