Joseph Melville Pinto (Class of 1967)

I enjoyed the seminar "Beyond the Classroom" on 9 January 2010. I would like that the activities proposed there should take some concrete shape.

I am an editor by profession and based in Pune since 1983. As such, I can do editing work from home. Then the editing material can be uploaded by one person in-charge of the SSESA website. I am also willing to work on any editorial committee that may be set up to prepare a book or materials on the occasion of 150 years of St Stanislaus in 2013.

I do not know how many SSESA alumni are in Pune. But I can help to organise and run an SSESA chapter, based at St Vincent's, Pune. Besides, I am keen to help in any fund-raising activity, by campaigning among SSESA members. Basically, any work that can be done through the Net.

I have my own blog and am active on Facebook and Orkut, which are excellent networking sites that can be used by SSESA.

I am also involved with educational programs, like training and empowerment for trustees, principals and teachers of educational institutions. I do this work three days a week with the Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana in Pune.

My long term plans.

I will complete 60 years on 5 March 2011. After 60, I intend to devote most of my time to writing and involvement with the following institutions and organisations that I have been associated with:

1. Central Railway School, Manmad (1958-61)
2. St. Stanislaus, Bandra (1961-63)
3. St. Mary's (SSC), Mazagaon (1963-67)
4. St Xavier's College, Dhobitalao (1967-71)
5. Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work, Mumbai
6. Dept of Sociology, University of Mumbai.

7. Centre for Education & Documentation, Mumbai.
8. Science Education Group, Mumbai.
9. Lok Vidnyan Sanghatana, Maharashtra.
10. Maharashtra Herald, Pune (1983-96)
11. Dept of Communication & Journalism, University of Pune.
12. Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.
13. Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana, Pune.

St. Stanislaus is in the "Top 5" on that list, especially since my English teacher in Standard 7, Mrs. Philomena D'Souza (nee Valladares), awakened my interest in the languages, which played an early and decisive role in channeling me towards what became my eventual career, namely, journalism.

I am interested in Fr. Jude's idea of SSESA alumni getting together to set up an institution. The time is ripe for such an idea and we should set up a committee to explore various options. I have a few ideas on the matter and am willing to write a position paper and help to organise a seminar to take the ideas of "Beyond the Classroom" forward.

Yours sincerely,
Joseph M. Pinto (Class of 1967)
16 Swanand, Aapli Society, Shahu College Road, 481 Parvati, Pune 411009, India.
Mobile: 0-94037-66122.
Blog: Against the Tide:

philon_coutinho's picture

hello all

I was inthe first division from 1960 or so but in the boarding then.
I remember some of the guys like Frank, Darrel Atkins, Ronald Pereira Oh To forget our friends name.
If anyone remembers please contact.
Thanks and yeah!
We are born for greater things!!!
Philon Coutinho

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