Looking for some boarders of St. Stanislaus

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Anthony A Mendonca

Ignatius Braganza
Ronald Rasquinha
Leeladhar ( can't recall the family name )
Leo/Lucas Cardoz
Cyril Furtado
Martin D'sa
Woy Fernandes
Thomas Castellino

Thank you very much
Tony Mendonca
Boarder & Class of 1975

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Re: New Blog entry in group: Looking for some boarders of St. St

Good Day Gents,

I have contemplated a lot regarding the contents of this below e-mail and
my emotions, love and high regardsfor Dinesh has gotten better of me and
hence this e-mail......

A few days back I have come across a very disturbing new article wherein my
friend and ex-Staislite Mr. Dinesh D'Souza has been indicted for violating
a campaign-finance law, to which he has been upright, honest and has
pleaded guilty.

He was handcuffed and will face charges in a US court in September. If
found guilty he will face a maximum of 2 years.

To me Dinesh always came out as an honest person and not afraid to speak
out his views. He was my idol - a person who sat opposite me during debates
and of course won every time (much to my chargin).

Earlier this year, Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan,
announced criminal charges against Mr. D’Souza, accusing him of skirting
contribution limits by arranging to have two people donate $10,000 each to
the Senate campaign of a friend, with the understanding that he would
reimburse them.

Dinesh Joseph D'Souza is an is an Indian-American political commentator,
filmmaker, and author & has reached the upper echelons of US society, he
was an advisor to Ronald Reagan on minority issues. HIs latest book
'America: What would the world be without her' is currently on New York
best sellers list.

Dinesh has also made a documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” which was
released during the 2012 campaign and is currently the
second-highest-grossing political documentary of all time.

Although I do not know the facts of the case I would like to plead (on his
behalf) to all of you to pray that he does not get the maximum sentence.
While I am far from being an expert I would like to think that by him
pleading guilty he should of course get a milder sentence or even be let
off with some community service or probation.

There are rumours that he was against Mr. Obama and that's the reason for
these charges, His lawyers accused the Justice Department of singling out
Mr. D’Souza because of his condemnation of Mr. Obama — a claim the
government vehemently denied.

Dinesh is a brilliant strategist and very intellectual . I am sure you will
all agree that he is one Stanislite who has shone and shone brilliantly
throughout his life and has made us very very proud indeed!! There are
times when I have shamelessly (yet very proudly) advertised to every one
within earshot that I was his class mate (of course he was1 year elder to
me, but who is there to verify?).

I am a tad emotional about this but discounting this emotion and moving
forward I once again beg of you guys to pray (and pray meaningfully) that
he comes out a winner in this, I am sure he will.

A request that this e-mail not be misconstrued in any other way that what
it is actually written for, - just to pray for him!!

With My Best Regards to all of you and a BIG THANK YOU, in advance.

Hanson Noronha

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