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   1979-1980 School



School Captain LINUS FARIAS







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1984-85: Kostka: Steve


Kostka: Steve Cutinha

Xavier: Andre Pinto


Loyola: Warner D'Souza

Britto: Farooque Shaikh (?)

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1987-88 School: Shawn


School: Shawn Cutinha

Britto: Schuyler D'Souza

Loyola: Balraj Kharbanda

Xavier: Vikram Swamy

Kostka: Shantanu Mukherji

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Captains for 1969-70.    

Captains for 1969-70.             

School Captain : Philip Samson (this I am very certain)

Xavier House : Anil Tendulkar

Kostka House : Nitin Mehta

Britto and Loyola House : I am not able to recollect at this moment. 


Fredun DeVitre was school captain during 1968 -69 (I am certain about this)

Salim Sheikh during 1967 -68 (this is a faint recollection)


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2005 - 06  Britto House -

2005 - 06 

Britto House - Kevin Kamble



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1997/1998 (Batch) School

1997/1998 (Batch)

School Captain - Nitin Prabhu
Xavier House  Captain  - Nikhil Gonsalves
Koskta House Captain  -  Shaaez Merchant
Britto House Captain  - Siddhart Ghosh
Loyola House Captain  - Rahul Fonseca

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2001 School: Kyle


School: Kyle Mascarhenas
Asst: Ayaz Ahmed

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For the

For the year 1993-1994 School: Sheldon Aranjo Britto: Jeevan James Loyola: Alain De Sales Xavier: Andre Vakil Kostka: Deepak S Fernandes Regards, Deepak Savio Fernandes
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Vinod Baliga's name again

Vinod Baliga's name again appears in 1974-75. This is incorrect. He was Kostka capt in 72-73.
It could be his younger brother Satish Baliga was school capt in 74/75, but this needs to be verified

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Hi Neville, I can confirm

Hi Neville,

I can confirm that - Satish Baliga was School Captain that year and yes, he was Vinod's younger brother.



(yes - I was Kostka captain that year....)

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