Some nostalgic memories on this Teachers Day 2013

Fr. Anthony Casale SJ

Fr. Anthony Casale was our Principal, Geography teacher and a Geologist to the core. He was the  kindest and the most gentle of Principals we had, but his love for a boring subject like Geography and inert stones was not only baffling, it was a mystery to most of us in those days.  Although we did not know the importance of Geology then, today in the context of tsunamis and earthquakes it is important to have a thorough knowledge of rock formation and rock structure before design and erection of any structure. He had single handedly collected some rare rock specimens and the school has rightly honored him by displaying them in a small museum. 

Given a choice between the punishment (caning) then meted out to us by the Asst. Principal Fr. Aleu and Principal Fr. Casale, our boys would certainly prefer Fr. Casale. There was trick in taking his punishment, the more you shouted or screamed loudly, Fr. would be more gentle and tender in his subsequent strokes of caning and thus one would escape punishment very lightly. He was like a shepherd leading and guiding a flock of sheep. Gone but certainly not forgotten lives in our heart and minds

Our school witnessed a unique incident, when our Principal once punished one of our masters unknowingly. It happened in the 9th standard when after our class picnic photographs were displayed on our class notice board. All the boys along with class teacher, Master Tiberious were crowding and making a lot of din near the notice board.  Fr. Casale, who was teaching Geography in the adjoining class (10A) after hearing the commotion, came with a big pointer and started knocking the boys and in the process gave few knocks to Master Tiberious who was amidst the boys. There was an uproar of laughter and Fr after realizing his faux pas profusely apologized to Master Tiberious. Fr. was so taken aback by the incident that when back in the adjoining class he could not teach but kept on laughing.  The boys in that class pleaded with him to share the joke which he could not reveal.

Happy Teachers Day 2013 and THANK YOU

Contributed by Ex- Stanilsite
Pramod Mankar
Class of 1967

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i can never forget the one

i can never forget the one and only time when i was caned in school. I was in class VI-C in the year 1976-77. Nargis ladhani was the class teacher. India was playing England at the Wankhede stadium. The President of India Shri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed died in harness.
 A 3day national mourning was declared and hence there was no radio commentary or live telecast. At the end of the 1st days play India's score stood at 228/4.
 Even then i was very passionate about cricket. I pleaded with my dad to arrange for tickets and skipped school the next day. When it came to writing the leave note my dad made it clear that he would not lie and wrote that i had missed school as i had gone to watch the cricket match.
 On seeing the leave note nargis teacher flared up. I was sent to Fr. Henry and received two cane shots.
 Moral of the story?


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Re: Comment in group for Story : Some nostalgic memories on this

Very Interesting Asif.

I had tickets for teh first day of that Test. Yes 228 for 4 and Sunil was
103 not out.

Found out about the death only when I got to the stadium and learned of the
blackout on TV. Stadium filled up by end of the first hour.

Vijay Menon
Class of 1974

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 4:11 AM, asif karmali wrote:

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 Moral of the story, I

 Moral of the story, I believe, is telling the TRUTH was very important to your father as was your presence in school important to your teacher and Fr Henry. 

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spot on. but dont you think

spot on. but dont you think that honesty should have been rewarded,

 more so when that was the only day of school i missed that entire year.

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Re: Comment in group for Story : Some nostalgic memories on thi

Hi Asif

The moral of the story is that cricket is a corrupt game you were warned very early in life see the mess now. I too learnt the hard way when I was batting for the boarders against the day scholars and hit the ball over the wall that broke the glass of MACRONNELS cake showcase. My father had to shell out 300 Rs and it was not very plesant for me too.

Enjoy the tamasha anyway.
Agnello class 1967

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hi agnello cricket and money

hi agnello

cricket and money go hand in hand and you are right about the messy part.

but i wish i had your hitting skills. couldnt manage to hit the ball out of the background even once.

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Re: Comment in group for Story : Some nostalgic memories on thi

Hi Asif,
I am sure you had other skills I could not compete with.
But as our School motto goes we were born for greater things.
This focus helped us to achieve the best life could offer always with the grace of God.
God Bless you,

On Wednesday, 23 October 2013 5:44 AM, asif karmali wrote:

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This message is for Fr.

This message is for Fr. Eustace Sequieira. Please contact me at We are trying to get in touch with exstudents who were boarders,


Stephen Gomes  ( 1972 )


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I have had the honour of

I have had the honour of being caned by Fr Casale in his office once. We were playing football barefoot in the rain on the Donnelly Gym. As you know that is forbidden because it ruins the grass and the sheep that used to eat the grass in those days used to complain. So Fr Casale happened to be watching called us upstairs to his office and thrashed us. We were wet from the rain, barefoot as usual and jumping all over the place and he was furiously caning us. But it was fun.

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Re: Comment in group for Story : Some nostalgic memories on this

Yes it was real fun.
On Sep 25, 2013 8:46 AM, "stephengomes" wrote:

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