Stanislites of Australia meet

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Just want to know if Rohit

Just want to know if Rohit Borges is Illidio Borges son. And is Seiko Dango the one who used to live near the bazar them moved to Hill Road off The studio. That picnic really looks like all had a fun day and it is really good that  the Stanislaus boys are getting together and keeping up the schools good name. Good job friends.

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Thanks for uploading the

Thanks for uploading the snaps Gerry. 

These snaps were taken at the first get together of Ex Students of St. Stanislaus here in Australia, in particular in Melbourne. It was indeed a special afternoon at Emerald Lake. The weather was perfect, the people great, we had fantastic music and the food we shared was delicious.   It was great to meet guys who had passed out from St. Stanislaus from different generations along with their families.

The day was organised by Sydney Saldhana and his wife Marian. Many others namely Bryan Lobo, Mike Fernandez, Seiko Dango, Carlton Simons, Kevin D'Mello, Russell Ferns & Ronald Pinto, Francis Castellino, and Ex teacher Sandra Mascarenhas also played an important role in getting this event together for which preparations started way back in April.

Now that the first step has been taken we are looking forward to many more fun get togethers.



Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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