Terence D'lima expired on 10 Feb. 2010 - batch of 1972

Another boy from batch of 72, Terence D'lima died on 10 Feb 2010 at Nair Hospital at Mumbai Central. I understand that he died of 'multiple organ failure'.

In a span of two weeks, two boys have died from 72 batch ....

Terence had his right leg amputed sometime in May 2009 and he was recovering quite well (at least, thats what he told me ...). I had postad a few blogs on Terence D'lima sometime during March, April, May or June 2009 stating his condition and he seemed to be doing pretty much OK.

Terence was residing at Neral (near Matheran, Karjat). He was very knowledgable on the flora and fauna in and around Matheran. he was also knpwledgable on the Heritage sites in Mumbai, Pune etc. He was a bachelor.

His Mass and Funeral was held today (12 Feb 2010) at 4.00 pm at St Peters' Seaside Cemetary. I made it a point to attend the mass and funeral. At the funeral, I met over 15-16 guys from 72 batch and we all recollected the times that we had at our GREAT school. But needless to mention, the atmosphere was somber.

After the ceremony was over, we went to Vivian Fernandes' home (he lives very close to St Peters' Seaside Cemetary, and we have decided to meet more often. For starters, we have fixed 20 Feb 2010 (Sat) at Khar Gymkhana at 6.30 pm as the meeting point or whatever.

stay connected with your batchmates (and if possible, your school-mates), guys. life is too short to hold grudges.

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photo and work done by Terence D'lima

As desired by you, I am attaching a link which gives photographs and details about the work that Terence D'lima had done . Try and go to the link and see what all Terence was into. I am certain that you will recognise him from his pic in the article.


if you cannot open the link, then let me know and also send me your e-mail address and I can e-mail the link to you through your e-mail address.

stay in touch .......

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Terence D'Lima

I recognized who Ainsley was from his uploaded photograph. Do you have one of Terence which you could upload, please?

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