Tr Dolly Correa ill

Tr Dolly Correa (Leone) is seriously ill in the Lilavati Hospital ICU. Please pray for her swift recovery.

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Teacher Dolly Correa

I pray to God that she is well and on the road to recovery. She was my class teacher is the fourth standard.

I remember both the sisters, fine ladies and great teachers.

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Sorry I made a mistake

Sorry I made a mistake actually I know Dolly as she taught me in the Xth but then when I read Aftab's message I thought I must be mistaken and wrote my message following his message. Anyway the intention is the same we all pray for her speedy recovery.

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Tr Dolly

Tr Dolly was the head-mistress of the Primary section before she retired. While in school, besides being a competent teacher, she was well liked by her students not only for her kindness but also for her great sense of humour.

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May God bless him and may

May God bless him and may pray that he recovers quickly

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Re: Comment for Blog entry: Tr Dolly Correa ill

Aftab and Peter,

Teacher Dolly is a lady and not a man. She was one of the sisters
Daphane and Dolly who lived on Boran Road.

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Speedy Recovery

I Pray to The Lord for his speedy Recovery.

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