Tribute to Fr. Valero Aleu SJ on his 13th Death Anniversary


Remembering a visionary Spanish missionary, who came to India and left a huge imprint on the school,  the countless pupils and the people whose lives he touched. Despite being a foreigner, not only did he do his masters in Hindi but mastered the language to teach us. We are so blessed and grateful to have such a dedicated teacher, vice principal & principal (1961-82)   He died on 26th July 2000 and was interred at Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain.

Those were the days when communication from abroad was difficult and not easy. The news of his father’s death was received by him when he was teaching in a class and that too after three days.

Truly an apostle on earth with a message that education is not just preparation for life but education is life itself, that education is not just filling, but the lighting of a fire. Some of his words “Listen! Listen!  After so many decades, still keep on ringing in our ears. 

Contributed by Ex- Stanilsite
Pramod Mankar
Class of 1967

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Hi Agnello - This is Joseph

Hi Agnello - This is Joseph M. Pinto, also a boarder during 1961-63.

Please get in touch, if u knew me.

Peace and love,

- Joe. 020-2442-4392 (home) 94037-66122 (mobile) E-mail:

Blog: (Against the Tide)

"We are all in the gutter. But some of us are looking up ... at the stars." - Oscar Wilde.

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  One always has very fond


One always has very fond memories of one’s school days and school. I personally have great memories of our school and can proudly say "my school bestest". Those memories are usually made up of good times, the wonderful friends and great teachers/educationists.  
Fr. Valerie Aleu was one such person. His immense contribution to St. Stanislaus and us Stanislites is always going to be remembered fondly. For a Principal of our school, he was quite mischievous and had a great sense of humour. But when he meant business, he was deadly serious.
An incident that comes to mind (and if I recall correctly) was when my bench-mates in class - Farad Bhatena, Nauzer Engineer and myself were the recipients of some ‘canning’ from him (usually it was on the ‘derriere’), due to Farad’s pranks and us being abettors to it. Nauzer and I took our share of canning (usually it was about 1 to 3 lashes) stoically without any expression, but obviously with quite a bit of pain emanating after the ‘pasting’. Fr. Aleu told us “brave boys”.
When it was Farad’s turn, Farad took the canning and was laughing. Fr. Aleu immediately realized that something was amiss. He promptly touched Farad’s rear to discover that Farad had inserted a thin book in his back-side to thwart/minimize the effect of the ‘pasting’. The next thing was that Fr. Aleu was canning Farad all over his hands, legs, body – ssapak, ssapak, ssapak, with Farad literally doing the ‘Bharatnatyam’ albeit ‘Parsi’ style and Fr. Aleu in his Spanish accent smiling and telling him (and for everyone’s benefit)  to the effect that “being over smart brings its own problems”. This continued for about 1 to 2 minutes with Farad dancing around and yelling at the same time “No father, no Father ………. Mistake”.  Later, Fr. Aleu laughed and said aloud, next time must remember to check if the boys had put some padding before canning.
Fr. Aleu was a ‘Jolly good fellow and so say all of us”. RIP
Gautam T. Mehta
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Fr. Aleu was a true

Fr. Aleu was a true missionary, as a boarder in our illustrious and glorious school you could never ever forget him, he was a father and mother to all of us. He was a strict disciplinarian and when he punished you it was with love and that is the difference we see now. How fortunate we all are to have a mentor who gave his all for his boys. I am personally blessed to have had such a wonderful human being a part of my life in school. I am sure he is up there still caring and interceding on our behalf. God Bless his soul.
Agnello Fernandes ( Cody )   Class of 67

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This is for Cody, Bro' you

This is for Cody,

Bro' you were very senior to me in the boarding school but I remember you alright.

Tony Mendonca ( class of 75 )

Tel: 9714-4329134/35
Mobile - 971566986803

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Re: Comment in group for Story : Tribute to Fr. Valero Aleu SJ

Hi Tony,
I too would be as senior of you as " Cody " and just to let you know how he got his nickname ?
After Buffalo Bill Cody. He was a Cowboy Western movie fan !
He earned the title probly when he was in our 5th Grade class with Maude D'lima ( 5th D ).
Bobby ( Jalraj ) Amin
batch of '67.

Agnellojfernandes's picture

Hi Bobby, Nice to hear from

Hi Bobby,

Nice to hear from you, you are one among the lot I can not forget "Jalraj" . But I must correct you, it was one of the Thursday movie "The Rather Man on the Moon" whose hero was Captain Cody with a large dial on his chest and a cape and took off to the moon by turning the dial. The bolder boarders would go on stage and pretend to act like the hero only this time I fell of the stage with the cape et all and bruised my ego, was a laughing stock for quite while till the name stuck. You are right it was in the 5th.grade. I am still a fan of the Westerns.   Wow!!! looks like yesterday!!

Love to all,

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Re: Comment in group for Story : Tribute to Fr. Valero Aleu SJ

Hey Buddy,
Great to hear from you,
Where have you settled finally ?
Thanks for the update on Cody !!
We are in Canada since 1996 after 15 years in Dubai.
My younger 2 brothers and families are here too; so
it;s dandy.
We do miss the good old days ad great memories !
Pl. keep in touch and a hug for the rest of the family.

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Fr. Aleu was an M.A. in

Fr. Aleu was an M.A. in Hindi. He was my Hindi teacher and he did a fantastic job of it.

He made it a practice of visiting the homes of EVERY Tenth Std boy, to see if the conditions at the child's house were condusive to studies.... And those kids who had trouble at home, were brought to school to study and were helped with their studies.

He was tough & strict at school.. (and I have felt his cane on numerous occasions) but he was ONE-OF-THE-LADS after school...

I remember when he would come to Lonavla during the summer family camps... There would be pillow-fight sessions with him in the evenings, story telling sessions and just plain fun....

I kept in touch with Fr. Aleu after school, and I was so touched that he came all the way from St. Xavier's to Mount Mary's Basilica, to be the concelebrant at my wedding mass....

He was truly the GREATEST PRINCIPAL a kid could have ever wished for....

God Bless you Fr. Aleu.... we LOVE you.....


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   One of the best human


 One of the best human beings ever.

Remember him on that crazy bike of his, made the mistake of accepting a lift from him once :) he was hell rider on two wheels.

We were fortunate to have been his studients, one of the best if not the best.


Feroze De Vitre

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A tribute to Fr Aleu on his

A tribute to Fr Aleu on his 13th death anniversay:

He was our pincipal, teacher, priest and friend,
A person you could trust until the very end.
Discipline was his motto but service his goal from the start,
He acheived this by example, hard work and a golden heart.
There are lots of us who owe him for what we are,
Father you will be remembered by us as a special star.
Sure he still is guiding us from the heaven's above,
Thank you God for giving Father Aleu , who we all love.
From his pupil Alan D'Silva ( Class of 1975)
July 27, 2013

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