A Tribute to Sir Oliver Andrade

A Tribute to  Sir Oliver Andrade

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An extract from The Times of

An extract from The Times of India, Mumbai, Thursday, Dec.5, 2002. Oliver Andrade leaves behind a legacy and heavy hearts too By Stanislaus D'Souza Times News Network Mumbai: Wednesday,4th December turned out to be a sad day for many sportsmen in the city and the suburbs in particular.It was this day that the city and Bandra in particular,lost its most precious son in coach Oliver Andrade.He was in his seventies. A coach who minced no words when it came to calling a spade a spade.A coach who produced not just hockey Olympians but fine footballers and gentlemen too. A coach who turned politician only to extend his helping hand to the sports- conscious by founding the now famous Joggers' Park,near the Carter Road promenade to facilitate the young and old to get into the fitness of things. A coach who started with Little Flower School in Dhobitalao and worked in silence but whose efforts to improve the life of sportsmen and the common man in general, went unrewarded.Nonetheless,Andrade achieved what he cherished most,producing gentlemen sportsmen who believe they owe him for their success in life and those who went through his hands before donning the national colours. Former players & coaches paid rich tributes to their coach who they fondly addressed as "Sir":"We prayed hard to God for his suffering to be reduced" said former India Captain, Merwyn Fernandes from Delhi. Fernandes was referring to the last days Sir Andrade spent at Holy Family Hospital where he was undergoing treatment for several complications. "He was stern, yet loving in his own way. He taught me a lot of things at his camps & made me not just into a good player but a good human being as well" said Fernandes. "Andrade was someone who did a lot for schools' hockey" said Olympian Marcellus Gomes. "It was during this time that the country had its first school boy in the National Team when Frances D'Mello of St.Stanislaus earned the National colours, when still in his teens" pointed out Gomes. "Mumbai lost a person who developed hockey at the grass root level & touched the lives of many sportsmen" said former National Coach Cedric D'Souza. "For me, it is a personal loss as he has made me what I am in hockey. He was the only person I respected & called "Sir" as he was a fantastic human being. I wish I had spent more time with him" said D'Souza. Owen Pinto, one of the best sprinters in Asia in the 40s, said Andrade's contribution to sport was considerable. "The sheer crop of sportsmen who went through his hands was enviable." Peter Menezes, a former State player & hockey stalwart & International Umpire, said Andrade was responsible for the rise of hockey in the suburbs, Bandra in particular. "He was the man who took St.Stanislaus, St.Andrew's, St.Theresa's (all Bandra) & St.Paul's, Dadar, under his wing & popularised the game while ensuring these schools achieved the highest standards in both, hockey & football", said Menezes. Avitus D'Cruz, a former Tata player, said Andrade was one of the first & best footbal coaches that graduated from N.I.S.& trained youngsters. "Even when he stopped coaching on account of ill-health, he assisted several sportsmen in many ways. It was a pity he went unrewarded by the State", said D'Cruz. "Sir" Andrade's demise will certainly leave a lot of hearts heavy, but more importantly he has left a legacy that a city called Mumbai will always be proud of. Andrade was 73.
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Hi Godfrey, I just cant get

Hi Godfrey, I just cant get over it as to how I did not make a mention about athletics.I remember the year the school won the Tata shield.Sir calculated the points of all the events like High Jump,Long Jump, various relays,etc.that we would win and right enough the boys did not let him down.We got the points that he calculated and won the Tata shield.That was a great Athletic Team in which you also played a great part. Regards, Frank
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Hi Frank, We must remember

Hi Frank,

We must remember that Sir  was equally good at Athletics, especially the field events.

We produced some good athletes during our time.

Pat Crasto- 1500ms

Alex Rodrigues- 400 ms.

David and Levin de Figuereido- sprints

Gerson Dourado- 110ms. hurdles,and all the 3 jumps.

Represented Bombay at the all India Schools meet in 1962.

Dennis Gaitley- sprints

Franklin "Stylo"- Long Jump and High Jump.

Kondon Sabloak- winner of 110ms hurdles and 100 ms at the Tata sports in 1961.

On a personal leve, I increased my High Jump performance by 4 inches in one season, to equal the Intermediate Boys Schools

Record in Feb of 1962. That was the year when we failed to win the Siddiqui shield by just one point, else we would have made a clean sweep of all the 3 shields.

After we passed out, we had some brilliant athletes in later years like Ronald Baretto, Larry Smith , and Carl D'Penha.



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Sir Oliver Andrade coached a

Sir Oliver Andrade coached a number of schools & colleges besides St. Stanislaus.

1 St.Paul's High School,Parel: It was a Jesuit School later on the Seculars took over.Fr.Anthony Casale was the Principal of St.Paul's before he came to St. Stanislaus.He was the one who was keen that Sir Andrade coach the St. Paul boys in football as they had lot of talent but no one to guide them.St. Paul became one of the best teams that no one could take them for granted.They won the Dominic Savio Cup in 1960 defeating us by one goal. Many of them were selected for the Junior Maharashtra Football Team.

2 St.Andrew's High School, Bandra. He coached the boys both in hockey & football. A few of them represented the State in the Senior National Hockey Tournment.

3.St.Theresa's High School,Bandra.He coached the boys both in hockey & football.I think they won the Junior Aga Khan Cup one year.Many of the boys were selected by banks to represent their hockey team.

4.Fr.Agnel's High School,Bandra.He was their football coach.

5St.Xavier's College,Mumbai.He coached them in football for about two years.

6Parle College,Vile-Parle.He coached them both in hockey & football.Many of their  players were selected  to  represent Mumbai University in hockey.  

Sir, during the free time would watch the boys playing on the fields or the school shed and pick up boys who had good strides or good reflexes.He would motivate these boys and make them  players. If there was a  need for a backline player,Sir would look out for boys with good height. He was also good in giving pep talk.During any match, he would watch the opponent and at half time he would pep players that need a push. Mant coaches of to-day lack this quality.   


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