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Bond of Boys 2015 - an evening of friendships and memories


The background of St. Stanislaus was lit up to welcome its alumni for Bond of Boys 2015 our annual reunion on Saturday 3rd January 2015.

Over 170 alumni and their wives came back to their alma mater to spend an evening rekindling friendships and memories. Grown men pranked each other shouting school “pet” names like they were back in school. 130 serving and retired teachers and principals and staff made the night memorable.

This year’s highlight was a performance by the Indian Navy band that also regaled over 600 students and teachers from schools across Bandra who had been specially invited for the evening. The crowd went ecstatic with the appearance of our alumnus Shantanu “Shaan” Mukerjee (Class of 1988) who then went on to sing with the Indian Navy band.

To inspire our present day students we felicitate our alumni who have excelled in their field of expertise. We also felicitate four ex-teachers each year to expresses our gratitude for the difference they have made in our lives. This year we felicitated Mr. Roger Drego (Class of 1967) an exceptional sound engineer, Maj. (Retd.) Leon Fonseca (Class of 1955) accomplished army man, Fr. Francis de Melo (Class of 1961) former Provincial of Jesuit Bombay Province and accomplished educationalist, Dr. Satish Arolkar (Class of 1967) accomplished orthopedic and plastic surgeon, Mr. Roger Pereira (Class of 1955) accomplished media professional. The teachers felicitated this year were Tr. Anna Menezes, Tr. Gladys D’souza, Tr. Peggy Albuquerque, Tr. Vivienne D’souza and Tr. Benedicta Fernandes.

An evening filled with nostalgia and fun came to an end with the singing of our National anthem.

Master John Lohale passes away at 95


We regret to announce the demise of our dear Master John Lohale who at 95 years was our oldest living Teacher of St. Stanislaus High School.

Funeral was held on Saturday 25 October 2014 at 4pm at Mount Carmel Church, Bandra

May he Rest in Peace

NYC Stanislite Reunion 2014


Twenty one Stanislites and their wives from across school batches met for the first Stanislite Reunion in New York on October 4th 2014. — at Bhatti Indian Grill.

Thanks to alumnus Craig Franklin (1997), Jude Netto (1961), Tushar Vaidya (1969) and Vijay D'silva (1977) who helped set up this meeting.



St. Mary’s SSC win Jesuit Alumni Independence Day Football 2014

St. Stanislaus and Holy Family alumni teams

Nine teams from five Jesuit institutions from across the Jesuit Bombay Province assembled on 15th August 2014 to celebrate Independence Day at St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra.  Flag hoisting and singing of the national anthem began at 7.30am sharp.

Two teams each from Holy Family, Andheri, St. Mary’s SSC, St. Mary’s ICSE and host St. Stanislaus along with a team from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai played in a round robin Independence Day football league.  Five teams played in the ‘A” Division and four in the “B” Division.

St. Stanislaus “A” team surprised all with their youth and comprised alumni from the 2014 batch. With their speed and skill they opened up rival defenses easily. However the experience and strength of their older rivals eventually wore them down and they did not go beyond the group stage. Last year’s winners Holy Family “A” seemed to continue where they left off from last year with their delightful one touch football. The “B” Division was dominated the Holy Family team. St. Mary’s ICSE played their usual no holds barred rugged football. St. Xavier’s College who were participating for the first time surprised everyone with their skill and speed. The big surprise of this tournament was the other debutants St. Mary’s SSC. While their “B” division team battled in their division. Their “A” division team played with calm authority and did not lose a game in the group stage.

St. Mary’s SSC and Holy Family met in the “A” Division final. The very calm and strong Mary’s SSC midfield kept the marauding Holy Family team at bay and eventually won convincingly 3-1.

Teacher Zelia Miranda RIP


With deep regret we have to inform alumni about the death of our dear Teacher Zelia Miranda former Headmistress of Primary. Funeral Mass will be held tomorrow 9th August 2014 at 4pm at St Andrews Church, Bandra. The body will reach the church by 3 30 p m.

Meet the new SSESA Managing Committee 2014-17

Class of 1982 sponsor upgrade of classroom

Meet the new SSESA Managing Committee for the term 2014-17. The team is young and enthustic and we hope they will achieve all the goals they set for themselves.Congratulations and Best Wishes to the new committee.

On the occasion Mahesh Gidwani (1982) handed over the cheque from the 1982 batch towards upgradation of a classroom in the school.

SSESA Lonavla Picnic 2014


Sixty ex-students along with their families spent a fun filled weekend at St. Stanislaus Villa in Lonavla from 30-May-2014 to 1-June-2014 and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The picnic was on the verge of being cancelled due to a power outage in Lonavla but the power was restored. Thanks to Denzil Rego and family who helped organize the picnic Also a big thank you to Dominic who organised the games and to Benny Gonsalves for the live music.

The picnic was self funded by alumni who attended the picnic.

New Academic Year – New Facilities at St Stanislaus

Library 15.jpg

Our school re-opened for the new academic year on 16 June 2014. On the first day of school the new upgraded facilities of the school were also inaugurated and dedicated to the school. Upgrade of these learning spaces would not have been possible without the generosity of many of our alumni who helped make this happen. We thank our alumni from across batches who donated and helped with upgrading of the various facilities in our school. 

Upgraded Classroom – A gift from Class of 1982
The upgraded classroom was inaugurated by Mr. Manish Gidwani and Mr. Mahesh Chawla (Class of 1982). This upgrade has been sponsored by alumni from Class of 1982 who donated appox. Rs 5 Lakhs toward this cause.

For the love of hockey


After the Mumbai Schools Sports Association cancelled the boys U-10 hockey tournament due to insufficient entries, St. Stanislaus High School in Bandra came to the rescue, taking up the mantle to hold the event under their banner as part of their 150 year celebrations

From: mid-day 18-March-2014

Teacher Mabel Andrade Rest in Peace


With deep regret we have to inform Stanislites of the passing away of our Dear Teacher Mabel Andrade (wife of Sir Oliver Andrade ) on 17th January 2014 at St. Joseph's Convent,Goregaon(E), Mumbai. May her soul rest in peace.

St. Stanislaus loses two stalwart Ex-Teachers


With deep regret we have to announce the passing away of two much loved ex-teachers of our school. Ms Sarla Khanse (Marathi) on 28th December 2013 and Ms Maryanne D'souza (French) on 2nd January 2014. We will always cherish memories of them and may they rest in peace.

Let's make this a "Man for Others" Christmas


Dear Stanislites,

We wish you and your family Peace, Hope and Joy this Christmas and throughout 2014. We remind you once again to block your date on 12th January 2014 for the grand finale of our 150 years celebrations. We invite you to attend "Man for Others" a musical extravagance presented by the students and teachers of our school.

Donor passes are available at the School/Ex-students offices (9am to 4pm)  Telephone: 2642 3932 or 9167430053 | E-mail: or Donor passes are also available at Bandra Medical (Hill Rd/Ramdas Nayak Rd) and Hill Road Cleaners (opp. Mehboob Studio)

We need your help to raise sponsorship for the event. Your donation will help defray costs of this finale. A "Bond of Boys" corner is being organized on this day for our alumni to 'chill' with each other. Bookings are now open for the 150 years commemorative book. Details are available below.

Best Wishes,
Your friends at SSESA

Book Your School's 150 year Commemorative Book - Limited number of copies available


Book our School's 150 year Commemorative Book - Only a limited number of copies available. Please spread the word with your batchmates.

Special Pre-Booking Offer

  1. Rs 200 off on regular price: Pre-booked price Rs 1800 (Regular Price Rs 2000)
  2. Buy 9 copies and get the 10th copy free

Download and Submit form to SSESA Office with your cheque.

(Make cheques payable to St. Stanislaus Institution)


St. Stanislaus School proudly launches its special postal cover


As we continue celebrating 150 years and beyond, celebrations continue……………..We want to make every Stanislite a “Man for Others” that is our endeavour. We would also want all other schools in Bandra to join us and create a “Man for Others”. A new world that is “others” centered and selfless.

On Friday, 22nd November 2013 we were proud to launch the Special Postal Cover. This cover has been specially designed with the attractive, heritage structure of St. Stanislaus School and pictorial postmarks; a desirable collector’s item and a novel gift. An item worth possessing and adding to your philatelic collection. Limited covers for sale priced at `150/-each.

The audience comprised of the Staff members, students, Alumni, Well wishers and parents. The Chief Guest at this event was Fr. Francis de Melo, Director, Xavier’s Institute of Engineering & St. Xavier’s Technical Institute, Mahim, ex- Provincial of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), Bombay Province and Post Master General of Mumbai Mr. H. C. Agrawal handling mail and postal operations in Mumbai. He also held the post of Director, Mumbai GPO, which is the country’s largest post office.

Fr. Francis in his speech highlighted the importance of dedication and perseverance required in all fields in order to achieve excellence. He mentioned that greatness can be achieved only through concentrated efforts. Marcellus Gomes, Leo Pinto stalwarts in their field of sport are shining examples of these virtues.

Mr. Harish Agrawal considered his presence at the release of the Special Cover with Special Cancellation a privilege. He stated that the Department of Posts commemorated special events through the issue of Special Covers with Special Cancellation. This endeavour depicts India’s rich cultural heritage, natural diversity and history.

Remembering Master Willie on his 112th Birth Anniversary

Master Willie 1940.jpg

Master Willie (William Domnic D’Souza) 21st Nov 1902 to 5th July 2005 - Master at St. Stanislaus for more than 3 Generations 1940s to 1963. Master Willie was an authoritative and a committed teacher with pupil’s best interest at heart. He made us juggle with calculations in the onerous Arithmetic. He gave us glimpses into the world of insurance, premiums, stocks and shares in 10th std. He opened up our minds like opening those vinculums and brackets into brackets and those quadratic equations in Algebra for School by Athavale. With his patience and perseverance he made us understand and learn by heart those theorems in Geometry from the book by Godfrey Siddoms.

Although subject like Mathematics was difficult for most of us to understand and grasp those days, he made it interesting, interspersed with his sense of humour. One of his famous quote in the class was “ Very Cool! Very Brave Boy! Coming for an examination without any preparation “

He was a musician and his air raid siren played on violin on 23rd January 1942 on the occasion of Matric Social in school was most interesting and well applauded. (Documented in 1943 school magazine & diary) Also during my tenure in school remember very distinctly, when he was honoured and conferred an award for music, had said with great humility that he was the least qualified for this award and there were more deserving persons.

He was also a keen sportsman. There was an article on his life and his photograph in Times of India on his 100th birthday (Nov2002). There was also a mention of his meeting and his admiration for cricket maestro and centurion batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

Teachers Healthcare and Welfare Fundraiser 2013-2014

Teachers Healthcare and Welfare Fundraiser 2013-2014

Dear Stanislites,

As October rolls in, it’s time to say ‘Thank you’ to our beloved Teachers and staff. It’s time to renew the ‘Teachers Healthcare and Welfare Fund’ for 2013-14. This year I hope our alumni will help us do even more for our teachers.
Started in 2007 as a spontaneous act of generosity by our alumni from across the world showing our care and affection for ‘Joe Maumkel’, the “Joe We Care” fundraiser has evolved into the present day "Teachers Healthcare and Welfare Fund". This beautiful venture showcases the affection and love the students have for those who taught and cared for them during their school years.  

Yes, it has been six years that our alumni have supported the program which is unique not only in Mumbai but all over India, with many alumni organizations trying to emulate this program. We Stanislites continue to show we are truly “Born for Greater Things.”

Our target this year is even higher and is pegged at Rs 6 lakhs and will cover a total of 151 current and retired teachers, staff  and ex-principals. (79 serving teachers & staff, 65 retired teachers & staff and 7 ex-principals). We hope to cover each member for a minimum of Rs 1 lakh. In comparison, last year we covered 137 current & retired teachers, ex-principals and staff and paid a premium of Rs.3.37 lakh. I hope that this year we can increase our coverage per member as well as provide for exigencies. Once again our much loved Master John Lohale at 93 is the oldest teacher covered.

We need to renew the policy by October 20, 2013 and I am sure you will help us cross our target before this date as in previous years.

Special Postal Cover and Special Cancellation - St. Peter's Church Bandra

Release of First Day Cover for 160 years of St. Peter's Church 2013

On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of St. Peter's Church Bandra, a special postal cover and special cancellation was released by the Postmaster General in the presence of Bishop John Rodrigues (Stanislite) on 28th September 2013. Copies of the special postal cover are available at the Parish Office.

Thanks to alumnus Major L.G. Fonseca, the designs and permissions were received in the shortest time possible.






Some nostalgic memories on this Teachers Day 2013

Fr. Anthony Casale SJ

Fr. Anthony Casale was our Principal, Geography teacher and a Geologist to the core. He was the  kindest and the most gentle of Principals we had, but his love for a boring subject like Geography and inert stones was not only baffling, it was a mystery to most of us in those days.  Although we did not know the importance of Geology then, today in the context of tsunamis and earthquakes it is important to have a thorough knowledge of rock formation and rock structure before design and erection of any structure. He had single handedly collected some rare rock specimens and the school has rightly honored him by displaying them in a small museum. 

Given a choice between the punishment (caning) then meted out to us by the Asst. Principal Fr. Aleu and Principal Fr. Casale, our boys would certainly prefer Fr. Casale. There was trick in taking his punishment, the more you shouted or screamed loudly, Fr. would be more gentle and tender in his subsequent strokes of caning and thus one would escape punishment very lightly. He was like a shepherd leading and guiding a flock of sheep. Gone but certainly not forgotten lives in our heart and minds

SSESA Independence Day Football 2013


Independence Day was celebrated with the usual National fervor at St. Stanislaus High School with the unfurling of the National Flag and singing of the National Anthem at 7.30am on 15th August 2013. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Marie Fernandes, Principal of St. Andrew’s College.

To commemorate our Independence Day the Inter Jesuit alumni football tournament was held once again at our school between alumni who were fierce rivals in years gone by.  This year’s participants were St. Mary’s ICSE “A” and “B”, Holy Family (Chakala) “A” and “B” and St. Stanislaus.

This year also saw the inauguration of the SSESA Independence Day Rolling Trophy that will be dedicated each year to an alumnus of the participating teams. This year’s dedication was William Neelankavil of Holy Family Chakala who played in last year’s tournament and died tragically in a railway accident earlier this year.

The football was clean but fierce. The bouts of heavy rain made the playing conditions difficult. The young Holy Family “A” team surprised everyone with some delightful two touch football and easily reached the finals where they met the Holy Family “B” team. The final was closely contested with the Holy Family “B” team matching their seniors move for move. The match ended in a draw and extra time did not break the deadlock.  Penalties finally settled the match where Holy Family “A” won a really close match.

Tribute to Fr. Valero Aleu SJ on his 13th Death Anniversary


Remembering a visionary Spanish missionary, who came to India and left a huge imprint on the school,  the countless pupils and the people whose lives he touched. Despite being a foreigner, not only did he do his masters in Hindi but mastered the language to teach us. We are so blessed and grateful to have such a dedicated teacher, vice principal & principal (1961-82)   He died on 26th July 2000 and was interred at Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain.

Those were the days when communication from abroad was difficult and not easy. The news of his father’s death was received by him when he was teaching in a class and that too after three days.

Truly an apostle on earth with a message that education is not just preparation for life but education is life itself, that education is not just filling, but the lighting of a fire. Some of his words “Listen! Listen!  After so many decades, still keep on ringing in our ears. 

Contributed by Ex- Stanilsite
Pramod Mankar
Class of 1967

If you would like to share anecdotes and/or pictures please e-mail

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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