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Date taken: 31-July-2006

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Mac Ronnells

On the subject of the big MAC...guess I could put in my two pice worth.

I thought Santan Pereira was the father of Cajetan Pereira...I could be wrong...

As a child I was told by my folks that Santan used to actually go around bandra with a steel box on his head (or shoulders)

selling his products...

Oh and by the way, both Denzil and Nestor were my classmates ....of course in different years...Actually I think I was Nestor's age

but he plugged that year and I went on ahead and in the VIII th std. was classmates with Denzil...

Nestor died in a tragic accident as I can remember...Denzil's passing away is news to me.

Somehow...I always thought Allan to be the bright and sober one, so it comes as no surprise to hear that he made it BIG

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Hi Robin, Don't know

Hi Robin,

Don't know whether we knew each other but am curious to know which class you

were in.

I was in the class of 66 and my name's Denzil de Sousa.

Would appreciate any feedback.



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Hi Denzil, Class of 1961

Hi Denzil, I have registered in the Class of 1961 where some of my classmates are registered. I saw an article abour pioneers of Microlight Flight in India, featuring David deFigueirado who was in my class (IIIc) when I joined at the age of 7 years. David was reported as being in the Class of 1962 so I have registered there as well.

Best wishes, Robin

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BTW, it would be really nice if more class photos were posted on the site, so pls do if anyone has any! Someone posted my X Std photo & it is really so amazing to see everyone!

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I was reading your posts & it really stirred nostalgia in me. Ofcourse, I passed out in 1981, but it is amazing to see that no matter which generation talks abt St. Stanislaus, the memories are always fond. I doubt if many other schools can boast of such alumni loyality! But then again, not many schools have been such an institution as is St. Stanislaus. My grandfathers, father, uncles, etc. all passed out of St. Stanislaus and everyone always had tales of glory & grandour to recount!

- Neil Pereira

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hi neil . how u doing 

hi neil . how u doing  remember me (dilip hingorani) and my bro vinit (hingorani) good to see u (wel atleast on the school site) brings back a lotttttt of memories

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Hi Robin,
You really are able to picture the school's surroundings and names which were landmarks. Master Gregory's house was behind the venue of our recent Reunion. Mac Ronnells restaurant owned by Santan Pereira, opposite the background, which was then the pride of Bandra, no longer exist . I remember taking my fiancee for diner 30 years back when she came to spend some time in Bombay (she grew up in Goa). Mac Ronnells has spawned Candies run by one of the sons and Mac Craig run by another son (died recently). Yes, the green school bus had carried many of the victorious teams chanting WE WON! WE WON! - remember the Ahmed Sailor's Cup, Tata Sports Shield, Aga Khan Cup. 
The Powerpoint file would be most welcome. I am in the Managing Committee of the Alumni Association and I shall get our web administrator Gerry Mascarenhas who is also the Vice President of the Committee, to upload the same on our website.


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Correction about Mac Ronnells.

The owner of Mac Ronnells was Cajitan Pereira and his brother Santan Pereira owned Santan Pereira Bakery on St John the Baptist Road,Caji's kids were: Ronnie (passed away), Denzil (passed away), Nestor(passed away), Allan, Vivian, Lydia (Germany), Cynthia, Yvonne (Bandra).

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Thanks Aubrey

Thanks Aubrey for reviving my memory. Allan the present owner of Candies(daughter's name) was my batchmate and the most successful of the lot. He has recently launched another posh restaurant within the Roof Garden. During my school days, my parents occasionally bought plum cake from Mac Ronnells while the job of buying our daily bread from Santan Pereira's Bakery was left to me.
It is great to be aware that we are chatting across 3 continents with you in Perth, Robin in UK and I in Mumbai.


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More memories....

Hi Aubrey and Ilidio,

Yes, here we are communicating across three continents and separated by at least10 Time zones, about events that took place some 55 years ago!

When I started at St. Stanislaus at the age of 7, in the third standard, I was forever leaving my packed lunch either at home or in my Dad's car. I was forbidden to eat anything at the school gate so my Mother had an arrangement with the nice lady (probably Mrs Pereira) at MacRonnels to feed this waif if I turned up looking hungry. They had a very nice menu and made freshly cut sandwiches and pastries. I also had a One Rupee note ... yes, a NOTE concealed in my school bag in case I lost my busfare home. I can't imagine what a Rupee would buy now but at that time, my busfare on each of the three buses I needed to get me home was one Anna. There was also a shop further up Hill Road, opposite the head of the road leading to what is now Holy Family Hospital, which sold fresh Samosas and other pastries and cakes. I rarely got past MacRonnels though ....

I think I remember Ronnie who was a few years senior to me. He was a rather dapper lad and usually went to MacRonnels for his lunch as I used to see him there though we never spoke as the Seniors usually ignored the Primary boys!. 

Something that I remember very vividly was the practice of the boys from each community bringing sweets for the class on their festivals. We used to look forward to the end of Ramadan and Diwali and the Parsee New year and Guru Nanak's Birthday as much as we did Christmas. I hope this has survived to this day. If you are reading this Shafique perhaps you could elaborate on this.

I also remember that some time around 1954, the School took all religious instruction to extra curricular classes after 4 pm.  Prior to that, we were separated and the catholic boys got Religious instruction whereas the others got Moral instruction. I am not sure whether it was Fr. Donnelly or Fr. Marquis instituted this common discussion period in curriculum time, but it was an excellent idea and broadened my knowledge of the wide diversity that is India.

Regards, Robin

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