Staff vs School Football 1963

Staff vs School Football 1963
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I was in Std VII, when Br.

I was in Std VII, when Br. Rodgers came to coach us in hockey and football. I also recall Frs. Basil D'Penha and William Rebello from this pic. Tks for your tribute, my dear Godfrey.

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Short note on Brother

Short note on Brother Richard Rogers. Good looking lad from St. Mary's who held the 110 metres hurdles record from 1955 to 1963. Joined the Society in 1957 and completed 50 yrs of dedicated service. Came to St. Stanislaus' in 1962 and coached the school's athletic,soccer and hockey teams as Sir Oliver was doing a diploma course at the NIS, Patiala. Enabled me to become schools champion in the hurdles, and also state champion in the under 18 category. I visited Bombay in November 2014 after a lapse of 15 years. Travelled all the way to Campion School to meet him. Met Fr. Myron who told me that Richard was admitted to the Holy spirit hospital at andheri. However, I was able to meet Richard at the Jesuit Nursing home ,vinayalaya on the 10th of November. He immediately recognised me and even called out to me by name when I approached him from a distance of about 50 yards. He was in good spirits and was also able to walk unassisted. Spoke of old times, Fr. Casale etc . etc. Amazing chap. Probably only knew a smattering of Marathi, but volunteered to work in the Jesuit missions in the districts of Maharashtra for about 25 years. Very commendable indeed, to live for so long in a place bereft of the basic necessities. Richard passed away on the 6th of December. Sorely missed. Probably the best Jesuit I have known. Brother Richard , Rest in Peace
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Staff V/s Students

Masters Govind, Eric Fernandes and Bernard Donald have all taught me and the others, for those of my batch they were there and very familiar figures in the school. Thanks Godfrey, this snapshot really brought back memories.

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Staff Versus Students

Standing: from left to right
Freddie Pimenta sj,Basil D'penha sj,Richard Rogers sj,William sj,Govind Budhrani-Hindi, Eric Fernandes- Sports.
Kneeling: left to right
James Fabregad sj,Oliver Andrade- Sports,Master Azad- Admin,Bernard Donald-Maths,James Kundarji-Science.

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 Nostalgic pic. RIP Richard

 Nostalgic pic. RIP Richard Rogers you made a difference to many here in St Stanislaus and in the missions 

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