Class II-A 1973-74

Class II-A 1973-74

Anyone remember these missing guys?
Please help find out the rest. Hope that I have got the rest right!

Top Row(L-R): Abid Ali, Nitin, Darius, ___, Richard, Selwyn, ___, ___, Arthur.
Second Row: Andre?, Mahesh, Brian, Floyd, Pradeep, Phillip, Henry, ___, Glen, David.
Third Row: ___, Brian?, Gurpreet, ___, Darcell, Aloysious, Sudhir, Brian, Lawrence, ___, Val.
Fourth Row: Noshir, ___, ___, ___, Mark, Mark, ___, ___, Adolph, Vijay.
Seated: ___, Salil, John, Tr. Gladys, Savio, Mario, Agnelo.

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Sorry...I should rewrite as

Sorry...I should rewrite as "Selvin" (sorry for the mis-spell)!  Also recognized Debashish Paria next to Arthur on the top row, but I think he moved back to Calcutta. - David 

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Great memories...this was my

Great memories...this was my first year in St. Stanislaus. SO good to see all the guys.

But Selvyn...that's not David Pais (though I meet him often and he now lives in Vancouver).

Second row from top on right is your truly David (Pinto)...also Rebello House and your buddy chasing feathers flying in the wind during recess.



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Great pic!

Brian is right ..great memories...I remember Gladys as one of the nicest teachers I had. Brian please tell her I do remember her (just as I do Ms Rose from IV-A)

Here are some names I could put to faces:(Floyd got most)

Abid Ali, Nitin, Darius, Giraffe, Richie Amaral, Selvin Concessio, Artur Castelino, Andre DCosta Mahesh, Philip, Henry Aguiar, Murad Ali, Glen, Papey, Dinesh, Darcel, Sudeer, Brian, Daryl,
Noshir, Hemant, Joydeep, Mark Dsa, Girish, Vijay, Rohit Saldanha, Salil, John, Savio , Agnelo

Others I recognize but cant remember names!

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Great Stuff

This is great - must tell teacher Gladys to see this.

Some fillers
Fourth row after Noshir - i think is Hemant Kudrimoti, Joydeep Ghosh, after the second Mark is Girish,

Cheers Keep this going 1982 batch

Brian Almeida 1982 batch

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This is real cool.. i have

This is real cool.. i have this pic.. but during my recent trip to India in December.. could not find it.

I guess i've got us all.. except for the guy next to Henry Aguir.

1st Row (L-R): Abid Ali, Nitin, Darius Sonawalla, Russel ( Giraffe), Richard Amaral, Selvin Concessio, Dawson Pereira, Debanshu, Arthur Castellino

2nd row
Andre, Mahesh, Brian Carvalho, Floyd, Pradeep, Phillip, Henry Agauir,.........??, Glen , David Pais.

3rd Row: Francis, Brian D'sa, Gurpreet Singh, Dinesh Kotak, Darcel Tellis, Aloysious Loyola, Sudhir Shenoy, Brian, Lawrence,Darryl, Valentine Dsouza.

4th row: Noshir, Hemant Kudrimoti, Joydeep Ghosh, Mario, _ Mark, Mark D'gama, Girish, Arnold, Alfred, Vijay.

Seated: Rohit Saldanha, Salil Kumar, John, Tr. Gladys, Savio Lobo, Mario Quadros, Agnelo Saores.

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