class of 72 - some activity for Jan 9-10, 2010

Terence and all guys,

let us plan some activity for Jan 9-10, 2010. as you are aware, the Alimnu Assoc.
is planning a BIG affair on these 2 days. our batch should not be left behind.
Pradeep Ajila is also interested in participating. you have his mobile no.

Terence, you take the lead. Call up the enthustatic guys, then we will form different
groups, say, one for playing music, one for playing cricket etc etc.

stay connected ..... life is too short to hold grudges ........

/rajiv bhasin
Std. XI-A

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Get-together on 9-10 jan. 2010


Just like I've mentioned earlier, would love to do something like this but sincerely don't have the time!

I probably would be able to handle it a few months down the line if I go in for early retirement or am able to secure a regular day job (something that I have presently started scouting for) to know and experience first hand what normal life is all about ... after almost 30 years!!

Till then, please don't count on me being the social, sports or cultural director, administrator, monitor or whatever one may choose to call me!!!

Am sure you'll understand!

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class of 72 - some activity for Jan 9-10, 2010

Hey Rajiv,

Would really have loved to be totally involved but with my shift duties and all, I would not be able to give this matter my wholehearted attention and the outcome could possibly be disastrous. For similar reasons I do not get too involved in the associations activities too although I do all I can to support their ventures, as much as I can.

Since you have been our guiding spirit (I've seen this over the past couple of years!) and Pradeep too is interested, am sure, both of you could come up with something really interesting. As always, the rest of our batch will back you'll up on this for sure.

Take it from here Rajiv, am confident you can!

Terence de Sousa

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Get-together on 9-10 jan. 2010

Terence, now NO excuses. And most IMPORTANT. TIME is running out :-) hope you realise that .....

just get on with the events, nominate the boys for the particular events and you just roll the whole thing on behalf of the 72 batch guys.

After all, thats why you are the Administrator or Monitor or what-ever

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