Staff v Students Football Match

Staff v Students Football Match
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Mabel Andrade

Hi Percy,
This is to inform you that I was a regular visitor at Sir's house right from the time I left school where I also met Teacher Mabel.Even after Sir has expired, I visit her often. She is now really old & house-bound as she has no confidence in herself.
She feels happy when any of the old school boys go over to see her.
Bye for now.

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Atul Khanna

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Atul Khanna? Cyrus, yes that is Chinky, but who is to the immediate left of Atul. He is so familiar and I remember his face clearly and  many of the others in the picture. Nice to see Br. Dephenna here. Does anyone also know where Dennis Gaitley is?


Salim Tabani

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Atul Khanwar

Hi Salim, I remember you and your two brothers who were very interested in cricket.Atul surname is Kanwar if I am not mistaken.He stays somewhere around Bandra Gymkhana.The one who is to the immediate left of Atul is Trevor D'Silva,who was a good long distant runner.About Dennis Gaitley,I heard that he is in England but not sure. Bye, Frank

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Hello Frank, Sorry I just

Hello Frank, Sorry I just read your reply. I do not go on this site often. Thanks for Atul's info. I am still trying to contact him. My email is Will try to locate Trevor. I am in Orange County, California. Where are you? Let me know about yourself. I have 3 kids, Zaid 22. who is trying to break into show business, daughter Aalina 19, in College, and Rayhan 9, in elementry school. My wife's name is Shay. Take care, Salim

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Don't know

Hey Percy, where are you? I saw the pic and recognized Atul Khanna, Chinky ?David's bro and Frank. I see Master Donald in the background with Fr. Casale. I rmember some of the faces but cannot remember the names.

Don't know about Mabel Andrade. The Bandra boys like Admin/Gerry Mas. would know better.

Reply directly to me at "" 

Cyrus Bulsara Plano, Texas USA

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Mr Oliver Andrade

Mr Oliver Andrade, was an excellent coach, he coached me in both hockey and football in 1957/58/60. I always remember him for his robust ways but was always fair to his players. I think his wife's name was Mabel, does anyone knows how I can get in touch with her, I think they lived in Bandra.

 Percy D'Souza

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Mabel Andrade


I just spoke with Mel Rodricks our Vice President and he mentioned that Mabel Andrade is alive but house bound. We will find out if she is in a position to speak over the phone.

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Master Oliver Andrade

Sitting: Third from left is Master Oliver Andrade, the famous sports coach who has touched many a sportsmens life with his coaching as well as his colorful language. Maye he RIP

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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