Hockey Under 13 Year Unknown

Hockey Under 13 Year Unknown

Left to Right:

Kneeling: Cyrus Irani, Neville Gomes, Reginald Pereira, Orson Welles, Satish Shetty, Baptist Pinto, Jeevan Serrao

Standing: Fr. Herman Castellino, Oasis Fernandes, Agnelo Vaz, Marcellus Gomes, Conrad Pesso, Bruce Donald, Neale Murray ( I think), Fr. Benji

1. I cannot recognize the coach.

2. I cannot remember Neale Murray playing hockey

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Was that early to mid 70's?

Aren't any of those guys on the photo registered here?  Heck, what memories!  Bruce Donald had not shot up yet!  By 1979 he was towering over Fr Benji!



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Under 13 team coach

I think the coach is Freddie D'Sa (dad of Gerard D'Sa, a colleague of Fr. Benji at Xavier's)

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Orson Welles

Actually I thought it could be Orson Welles but thought I would embarass myself.

George Orson Welles (May 6, 1915 – October 10, 1985) was an American radio broadcaster, theatre director, film director and actor and best known for Citizen Kane the movie.

Conrad Pesso, There was a Conrad Pesso who used to stay on Bazar-Chapel Rd who went on to become a Jesuit Priest currently at St. Xaviers College.

Will have to confirm this.



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Under 13 hockey

Orson Welles, Conrad Pesso

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