Fr. Valero Aleu SJ

Fr. Valero Aleu SJ


Principal from 1974 to 1982

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Fr Aleu was a good principal

Fr Aleu was a good principal and yes, he did visit our home when my father was diagnosed with cancer - 1982.

any idea where Fr Albert Jou is?

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The best principal a school

The best principal a school can have. We love you, Fr.Aleu!!


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Sorry to hear he passed away

Sorry to hear he passed away , was a great principal

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Fr. Aleu arrived in India

Fr. Aleu arrived in India sround 1954, after completing his studies in Philosophy in Barcelona, spain.

Did Regency at St. Xavier's College obtaining a B. Sc. degree in Chemistry/Botany.

Also did studies in Hindi.

Was ordained a priest in 1959 and posted at St. Stan's in June 1961.

I was privileged to be in that class of Grade IX-C ,and Fr. Aleu was class teacher.

Was extemely fair and practical in everything that he did .

Taught Hindi, Religion, Science, Physics and Chemistry.

He succeeded Fr. Ernest Netto as Asst. Principal in 1963 and  later on became Principal of Holy Family School in Andheri.

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If I remember correctly, Fr.

If I remember correctly, Fr. Aleu did his M.A. in Hindi...

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Father Aleu : Good hindi teacher

Yes I agree! I remember that was his favourite punishment when he detained a class: to write / copy a hindi passage/lesson.

I must also mention here about the personal interest he took in the students he taught, I remember him visiting home to review my academic performance not that I was a bad student.


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He visited every SSC

He visited every SSC student`s home to ensure that there was an atmosphere conducive to studies. He was strict in school, but after school hours he was one with the boys! He loved hiding his cane up his sleeve when he was on his rounds & he would whip it out like a sword when he needed to use it. I got caned quite a few times, but he remains my NUMBER ONE PRINCIPAL!
BTW, Fr. Aleu came all the way from St. Xavier's (in town) to be a concelebrant at my wedding mass in Bandra!

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Good Hindi teacher too

Fr Aleu passed away a few years ago. In spite of his illness he kept his positive attitude. Imagine a Spaniard teaching Hindi. Yes he taught Science as well

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Father Valero Aleu SJ

Father Aleu was our Vice-Principal ( till 1969) he also taught us Physics in class X C!

Strict but fair he was a wonderful human being! wonder where he is now? Can someone throw some light on his whereabouts?

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I think he passed away some

I think he passed away some years ago

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