The St. Stanislaus Ex-Students Association launches its portal.

Gerry, the "Front Office" of the team that has helped us launch a portal complete with state of the art features,
clicks the critical "Button Dabao"

Kishore Shahani's picture

Congratulations - is fabulous

I came across the Stanislite page thru a Google search and I am so happy I found it. I have now registered and hope to become an active member of the ex-students association. Thank you for putting this site together brought me great joy especially being able to hear the school anthem sung so beautifully by the choir.

I was also very pleased to see that the Stanislite Newsletter is still going strong. I was part of the team that originally launched the newsletter way back in 1966 (I think !). Bell DeSouza was Editor and I was Assistant Editor. This was a printed version...I am not sure if any copies still exist.

I left Mumbai in 1967 soon after graduation and after a 10 year spell in the UK, I have been living in Mexico since 1976. Although I am far away, I would like to help you guys in any way I can to unite ex-Stanislites (I must be the only one in Mexico!!), to help with the projects and to grow this site and the association.

Please let me know what I can do to help.

All the best,


Gerry Mascarenhas's picture

Too much importance is being given to this guy Gerry. This portal would not have been possible without "The Portal Team"

Francis D'Silva: For his vision, planning and execution expertise. Without him this portal would not have the sharp focus. It could have become just another Stanislite Club.

Major Leon Fonseca: Without Major we would not have had a History section. His drive at his age amazes me.

Mark D'souza: who designed the header. Without this header we would not have a characteristic Stanislite site. We could have just been a banana site.

Conrad Gonsalves: For his inputs and wisdom on the JAAI movement and on the World Union of Jeuits. His generosity while sharing images and data about the Jesuit Alumni movement.

Mel Rodricks: Silent Mel, always getting things done without any fuss

Frank Mascarenhas: Without Frank there would not be any boarders section.

Illedio Borges: Alwys coming up brilliant suggestions and hustling Stanislites to get involved with the portal project.

Hope no one is left out.

So let us stop talking about this Gerry guy and giving him too much credit.

The Portal Team got the job done.

Now for the difficult part: Re-uniting ALL Stanislites whever they may be.

Francis DSilva's picture

That's bull!.....

... beacuse you forgot...

Gerry: Doing the leg-work, doing the late night patches and fixes, content uploads and travelling distances to meet people face-to-face -- or just simply putting his time and money where his mouth is. Great stuff!!

That's true! Now is when the hard work .... and fun starts. Finding new ways to exploit the power of the internet -- to build a people-network that can influence and improve the way the alumni interact.

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