Teachers: JAAN 2006

Teachers: JAAN 2006

Seated from Left to Right: (USE "Post new Comment " form to fill in the gaps)

1. Druscilla French Tr. and Std X 2. Sarla Khanse (Hindi)

3. Pauline Std IV 4. Alice Flannagan (Class Teacher IA)

5. Rosette Vaz Std KG 6. Anna Std II

7. Vivinne Std I 8. Berna Std I

9.Mary Titus ( Class Teacher III C) 10.Rose D'sa (Class Teacher IV A)

11.Cynthia Pereira

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I had the pleasure of being

I had the pleasure of being taught by Miss Cynthia Pereira in VI C. She was a lovely kind hearted person great to hear that she is still teaching. I also have fond Memories of Miss Khanse as well as Miss Rose D'Sa, Mary Titus & Alice Falanagan.

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If the teachers ever read this...

...warmest regards from one of your loving students - Rakesh Talwar (batch of 1990). I had the honor of being taught by nearly everyone in this picture. I owe a lot of my achievements today to every one of you who played such an integral part of my development. With your blessing I hope I come as close to living up to our motto - Born for Greater Things.

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- Pauline, Vivian, Alice Fernandes

As the subject line goes

- Time is an Illusion, Lunchtime doubly so.

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Teacher Pauline

I can never never never forget her. One of the best teachers I had in school. Fabulous narratives on Shivaji, Sindbad et al.

Taught my brother Alavi as well. To

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1. Druscilla French Tr. and Std X

3. Tr. Pauline Std IV

5. Tr. Rosette Vaz Std KG

6. Tr. Anna Std II

7. Tr. Vivinne Std I

8. Tr. Berna Std I

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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