Because We Dare To Dream!

Francis D'silva (1977 Stanislite now in Norway) and I met in San Diego this evening. Over a few cups of coffee, dinner and drinks we asked overselves

How do we take Stanislaus to the next level?

Is it just a dream? Is it just a figment of our imagination that we want to see change that produces great citizens from our alma mater?

The answer is 'NO, NOT AT ALL'. Rome was not built in a day and so let us not expect overnight transformation. One thing is clear - Let us not forget the 'POWER OF ONE' -One spark ignites another. The active participation of Alumni, Teachers, PTA and School Authorities will definitely take us to the next level!

Proposed First Steps


I) A single page glossy that invites existing 10th grade students (yes they will be alumni soon), PTA, Teachers and Alumni to register on (Invite To be installed on Notice board and other vantage points in School)

II) A 5 minute video of each teacher (past and present) to be published on youtube and google video (Individual links to be published on

III) Computer Basics Workshop followed by Lunch/Snacks for interested teachers (Teachers create email accounts and register on alumni site)

IV) Branding of Stanislaus - T-shirts, Sweats, Bumper Stickers ('Born for Greater Things' , 'My Son goes to Stanislaus High')

V) Media blitz to,, - (Those having media contacts write us a note)

VI) Each committee member (CM) (or appointee) adopts a mini-project and performs the following tasks

a) Searches for sponsor/s

b) Estimates Costs

c) Collects cheque from Sponsor/s

d) Works with School to facilitate successful implementation

e) Provides project completion pictures to publish on website

f) Success stories get mention in our quarterly newsletters

VII) Small presentation to PTA meeting to create awareness and invite participation

VIII) Strategy group (Details to be published soon)that collects feedback and discusses how we can translate words into actions

I leave you with a few words of inspiration
'Believe in yourself', 'Believe that you can', 'And success shall be yours'

'And Yes, Because We Dare to Dream!'



iborges's picture

(1) Dr Joe hospitalisation bill (2) Next level

(1)I really feel bad about not getting onto the net. It is now 1am but i willed myself to open the site before Monday comes by and the week keep me out of the loop again. I was most disturbed to hear about the Joe's hospital bill and our lack of pitching in. Give me a day to act.
(2) You have come out with an action plan which is full of promise. Let me dwell on it and i shall give my reaction soon as i consider that Next Level is not an option--- it just must be done to make our intentions meaningful.

vikram_moorjani's picture

Next Level


We are evolving into what we call the 'Next Level'. It has been my dream in fact to see Stanislaus chapters Worldwide but we need to put a few things in place.

The first step is to create an awareness campaign. With that in mind I have already sent two ad copies that we could use to put on the Stanislaus notice board and other vantage points.

It would help if you can coordinate to get color copies printed and put them up.


Gerry Mascarenhas's picture

Next Level

We need to specify the next level. Once we have this goal it will be easier to formulate strategy (battle plans)

I would also like to see formation of St. Stanislaus chapters in different cities/countres where Stanislites can meet regularly. This is a sure way to grow the network overseas.

I like the idea of the 5 minute video on teachers. I could take it up. We have to be precise about what exactly we want to put into these 5 minutes...any thoughts on this?

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