Retired teachers rightfully deserve our support

Yes, I do believe Tr. Rose D'Sa and others like her DESERVE OUR SUPPORT.

As an ex-students association, we need to concentrate our support to retired teachers/masters. This should essentially be our priority otherwise we would be functioning as SSSA rather than SSESA.

I understand that only 20% of all monies raised would be used for coverage of retired teachers. Is that not a pittance? Besides, only additional monies raised would be used for retired staff who cannot get coverage due to existing medical conditions.

The onus of raising funds for the present staff should come from other sources with which the association could definitely lend a helping and supportive hand.

This is my view ... does anyone think differently?

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Don't worry buddy ... the check will come!


I am assuming that you have probably responded without having had the opportunity to read my email, sent to the official Healthcare email address, which I quote below in part;

"I am not really computer savvy and reluctant to make online donations. Would you be able to let me know the working hours of the SSESA office as I have been there a couple of occassions only to find the office closed and the school office refusing to accept."

"While on the subject of the SSESA office - we need some sort of signage in place as it also took me a while to locate it."

You can rest assured of my commitment to this cause or any other pertaining to the school and hopefully, I should be able to close the transaction, on this one, within this week.

I look forward to receiving the Healthcare Powerpoint proposal, that you mentioned, in order to better educate myself on its finer details.

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Where is your contribution?

Dear Terence,

Not to put you on the spot, we are yet to see a small contribution from you - I am sure it is on the way.

Yes, Teacher Rose does deserve our support. You raise a valid point about having more than 20% for retired teachers. The highlights of the proposal says '20% of all monies raised to be used for retired teachers' - It does not mean that it will not exceed 20%.

The project team maintains a seven page healthcare powerpoint proposal which has the finer details and we can surely share it with you. It should help to clarify any queries you may have.

Meanwhile we look forward to your valued support in this effort.


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Healthcare Proposal

Dear Healthcare Leads,

It has been approximately four weeks since I posted my thoughts on the Healthcare initiative and in the absence of any negative feedback, till date, from the 400 odd members enrolled on this portal, I feel safe and bold to say that my feelings were probably well received.

Since we have not yet had the opportunity to peruse the seven page Healthcare PowerPoint proposal, in order appreciate the silent features, in connection with the scheme for teachers/retired teachers and non-teaching staff, we can only fall back on the highlights of the scheme listed on the SSESA portal (as reproduced below), where a certain amount of enlightenment would help diffuse any qualms that exist.

“Stanislaus Healthcare Proposal”


  • Alumni offer a minimum commitment of Rs. 100,000/year for the next three years.
  • Schemes selected are Bajaj Allianz - Health Guard, Silver Plan, Personal Guard and Tata AIG - Maharaksha, Hospital Care and Accident Guard.
  • Annual coverage of Rs. 200,000 for each staff member
  • Cost of Health Coverage (e.g. Bajaj - Rs 2238 - 5586/ 2 lakh – estimated*)
  • Accident Insurance Policy for non-teaching staff
  • Eligibility criteria require staff member to complete 5 years at SSHS**
  • 20% of all monies raised to be used for coverage of retired staff
  • A working committee that includes the SSESA Project Team, Existing Teacher representative and a Retired staff member selects staff. Each has one vote towards the selection
  • Alumni may choose to provide 100% sponsorship to staff of choice or a part sponsorship where staff, SSESA & SSHS contribute
  • Future coverage continues provided Staff maintains employment at SSHS
  • Staff/School may choose to contribute to raise coverage amount
  • SSESA and School will work towards a transition plan where the Stanislaus Staff Healthcare initiative becomes an annual drive.
  • Additional monies raised by SSESA to be used for staff (existing and retired) who cannot get coverage due to existing medical conditions
  • Yearly health camp conducted by Stanislite Alumni Doctors / Friends of Stanislaus

*Not inclusive of Vendor Discount

**Eligibility criteria is waived for Non-Staff Accident Insurance Policy”

I, and am sure most others, would certainly appreciate to receive enlightenment and feedback on how we are progressing on the points that I have chosen to emphasize in red.

I am confident the clarification would eliminate all doubts, ensure transparency and am sure it would please all to know that the monies contributed would be well utilized in a way that each of us anticipated it would be.


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Healthcare Proposal - Response to your queries

Dear Terence,

As you may be aware we lost Joe recently. As a mark of respect to Joe, we unilaterally decided to suspend fund raising efforts till mid-august.

As regards to next steps
- Creation of accident policy (completed in june)
- Presentation of healthcare plans by vendors (august)
- Selection team (in process of identifying retired teacher representative as well as existing teacher rep) - (august)
- Pledges/Payments receipts to be completed (september)
- Selection of Teachers (september)
- Creation of healthcare policy (september - october)
- Planning for on-site healthcare camp (september)
- healthcare camp (november/december)

To your "red" highlights
- 20% is reserved for retired - That is a minimum and will go upto 1/3
- For now we chose the path of direct lumpsum contribution by alumni as 
it would be difficult to manage part sponsorships
- Staff may contribute part coverage - This is something we will pursue with
teachers during our meetings.
- 5 -10% may be used to assist teachers like Teacher Rose.

Do realize, there is still a lot of work to be done and we can always use additional hands.


PS: You will have the pdf file for v1.4 of healthcare when i get back from seattle this evening.

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