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Six Decades

 In another two years it will be six decades since I left St Stanislaus High School for good. As I stood with my box and bedding in the shed as we called that large space downstairs, I bid farewell to other boarders who passed by me.  In retrospect, I was both sad and glad. This had been my home for almost a dozen years. During my stay as I grew up with almost 200 other boarders, I learned to be independant, resourceful, tough, and to some extent disciplined. 

I took a sabbathical from this group of Alumni and now am back to observe what other more recent ex students are doing. Its a pleasure to be a part of this SSESA.

Mr Minoo Homi Batlivala

 Our alumni Minoo Homi Batlivala, Rtd. Director Engineering Services Municipal Cororation, Mumbai passed away peacefully on 14th Jan 2021 at the age of 91. RIP Minoo, Sir


LORDS of the LAST BENCHES by Julian D

 LORDS of the LAST BENCHES by Julian d         

The title of the book Lords of the Last Benches by Julian D is an inspirational statement made by Miss Hope, teacher of VII A at Stanislaus High School in the late 70’s and 80’s. The author is ever grateful to Miss HOPE.

Then her student, NOW an author..we are truly  


The author is featured in various print media, radio and on television, in Canada. Note worthy to be a special guest on the World Record (Guinness) Longest Talk Show with Suresh Joachim in Canada. 

Click on the following You Tube link.


Fr Jude Fernandes SJ. Current Principal of St.Stanislaus. 2012. 

"You just added one more feather to your school.

St. Stanislaus is proud of you".


Clarence Gomes Editor and Owner of Bandra Times. 


  • Any Ex-students of St. Stanislaus' High School or St. Stanislaus Junior College, Bandra are eligible to become members of SSESA. 
  • Any ex-student who may have left the school or junior college before graduation and ex-staff (teachers and administration) are also eligible to become members.
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What's your Nickname for our Teachers

Referring to teachers and masters by their nicknames was very much prevalent during our school days, i.e. around the ‘50s and ‘60s. Besides learning mathematics, science, languages, history, geography and discipline for that matter from our teachers and masters, the forty or fifty odd boys in the class would study intently these teachers and masters, observing their traits and come up with interesting nicknames. It was out of respect and a degree of fear that a teacher or master was never directly addressed by his or her nickname. However, behind their backs, more often than not, these teachers or masters were referred by their nicknames

Stanislites Australia Reunion


Howdy Stanislites,

Please turn to page Australian Stanislites in your Facebook, to see the photos of the recent dinner dance. Here's one of the boys, young and old, belting out the school anthem and a couple or three others, to whet your want for more! It was lovely to catch up with the the usual suspects and then a few more, all dressed in their second-best finery with name badges flashing in the flickering candlelights.

After the initial meet and greet "oh, so nice to see you again" and "you're looking not a year older since I saw you last year", it was time for the traditional sing-as-loud-as-you-can school anthem, belted out in about 14 or 15 different voices. The star of the line-up was Craig D'Souza, still studying in Std III and here in Melbourne on holiday. There his is (please look at photograph), standing right next to the oldest man in the group, Ken Fernandes - although, you wouldn't have guessed so by looks alone (please look at other photograph). And then (looking at the photo again), draped around them is the usual rag-tag bunch of muffins.

Now in its 6th year, we may have been a bit down in numbers this year, but we surely made up for it in enthusiasm. As usual, our DJ Michael Pinto was a great hit, keeping those toes - ours, that is - twinkling away on the floor. And just to spice things up a bit, this year we introduced the masala, that special music that's world-famous in Bandra. So popular was it, that the dancers insisted on a second helping. The masala was also the cue to award spot prizes to the best dancing cooks on the floor, whether with ladle or with handkerchief, and what better prize than No Worries Curries masala packets? Kindly donated by Claudette. Those of you who did score a packet or two, please feed us back on the results. To the others, you can always order your pick online (as opposed to me, who works on his pick-up lines).


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School Uniform

The history with pictures of the School Uniform

Battleship grey and white shirts with battleship grey tie (with a yellow and a green stripe across the middle) Khaki shorts and white shirts were the school uniform till ca. 1970

Danny Pereira Rest in Peace


With deep regret we have to announce the death of Danny Pereira one of the founding members of the modern avatar of SSESA.

Funeral service was held on Wednesday 30th December 2015 at 9:30 am at St. Peter's Church Bandra followed by burial at St Peter's sea side cemetery Bandra. The body was kept for viewing from 9 to 9.30 am at Sea Mist.

May he rest in peace

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