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Winners of Harwood Football League - 1959

Winners of Harwood Football League - 1959

Standing (L-R): Joe Dinshaw, Kondon Sabloak, Evangelisto Almeida, Fr Casale (Principal), Gabriel Rodrigues (Captain), Sir Oliver Andrade (Caach), Rudolf D'souza, Gerson Durado & Santan Fernandes.

Sitting (L-R): Peter Fernandes, Filonio Coutinho, Lawrence D'souza & Agnelo Rodrigues.

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L to R: Bro.Joseph Tort, Fr. Vincent  Banon, Fr. Albert  Jou, Bro.Raymond  Fonseca, Fr. Freddie Alphonso (Year mid 1950's)

Healthcare Contrbutions 2010-11

Sr. No.ContributorCountryAmountClass ofStatus
1 JSXA Canada (,000NAPAID
2 Viraf HathiramUAEUSD2001977PAID
3 Darryl PaesUSAUSD501979PAID
4 Gavin D'SouzaCanadaUSD501979PAID
5 Clive PereiraUSAUSD251987PAID
8 Flavian D'MelloCanadaUSD301973PAID
9 Deepak ShettyUSAUSD501993PAID
10 David DSaUAEUSD801989PAID
11 Chris MendesUSAUSD2001972PAID
12 Gerard MascarenhasIndiaRs.10,0001977PAID
13 Sean DesouzaUKUSD2001988PAID
14 Ilidio BorgesIndiaRs.4,0001967PAID
15 Shriram ChaubalHong KongUSD3001983PAID
18 Kishore ShahaniMexicoUSD1001967PAID
19 Cherian MathewIndiaRs.5,0001980PAID
20 Milton MartisSaudi ArabiaUSD1001983PAID
21 Kenneth RobertsonCanadaUSD1001976PAID
22 Clifford PicardoUAERs.12,0001988PAID
23 Sujit VaidyaUKUSD1001985PAID
24 Shahnawaz SabuwalaUSAUSD101989PAID
25 Joydeep GhoshUSAUSD5001982PAID
26 Christopher DemenezesIndiaRs.5,0001977PAID
27 Sam ChapgarIndiaRs.4,0001975PAID
28 Daraius HathiramUSAUSD501979PAID
29 Ivor AlbuquerqueCanadaUSD1001985PAID
30 Darayas MalegamIndiaRs.20,0001975PAID
31 Anil SaldanhaIndiaRs.5,0001976PAID
32 Ajit SaldanhaIndiaRs.5,0001977PAID
33 Ashley TitusQatarUSD8211974PAID
34 David PintoUSAUSD201992PAID
35 Ashwin AdvaniUSAUSD1001982PAID
36 Sabbas JosephIndiaRs.8,0001977PAID
37 Venkatesh SrinivasanIndiaRs.100,0001987PAID
38 Deepak KotakIndiaRs.2,0011986PAID
39 Neale MathreIndiaRs.2,0001975PAID
40 Samir MehtaIndiaRs.10,0001982PAID
41 Yogendra RaviIndiaRs.4,0001975PAID
42 Ranjan ChakravotiIndiaRs.15,0001975PAID
43 Nazarali MerchantIndiaRs.4,0001975PAID
44 Harry Joseph PintoAustraliaUSD1001963PAID
45 Ritesh ShettyUKUSD4001987PAID
46 Sunder MenezesIndiaRs.30001971PAID
47 Arun NimbalkarIndiaRs.5,0001975PAID
48 Robert NeeffCanadaRs.10,0001957PAID
49 Robert D'souzaIndiaRs.4,0001975PAID
50 Denzil DsouzaUSAUSD801973PAID
51 Ashley ErnestUKUSD751975PAID
52 Justin SaldanhaCanadaCAD1501967PAID
53 Shabbir RangwallaUSAUSD3521975PAID
54 Swapan GhoshUSAUSD2001975PAID
55 Phiroze DastoorUSAUSD2001975PAID
56 Leon AranhaUKRs.4,0001975PAID
57 Joel DregoIndiaRs.4,0001975PAID
58 AnonymousUSAUSD1001976PAID
59 Devdas KamatIndiaRs.8,0001976PAID
60 Desmond A D'souzaIndiaRs.5,0001975PAID
61 Rohington PolishwalaIndiaRs.12,0001985PAID
62 Anthony MendoncaUAEUSD1501975PAID
63 Marcellus GomesIndiaRs.10,0001976PAID
64 Iqbal FazalINDIARs.1,0001964PAID
65 Keith Lasrado ShenoyIndiaRs.8,0001976PAID
66 Jeffery NambiarIndiaRs.4,0001979PAID
68 Virendra BarseIndiaRs.4,0001984PAID
69 Selby MascarenhasIndiaRs.4,0001985PAID
70 Rajesh RajakIndiaRs.12,0001991PAID
71 Francis D'silvaNorwayUSD1501977PAID
72 Karl PintoIndiaRs.5,0001985PAID
73 Anil K. MansharamaniIndiaRs.5,0001975PAID
74 Atul PaiIndiaRs.5,0001986PAID
75 Navin SomayaUSAUSD2501982PAID
76 Elmer PintoIndiaRs.3,0001975PAID
77 Vinay PintoIndiaRs.5,0001986PAID
78 Clifford FernandesIndiaRs.10,0002000PAID

Class of 1975

Class of  1975

Picture courtesy Ryberg Henriques (Sydney)

School and House Captains

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Denver Dsouza: Go in Peace my Friend

My dear friend Denver passed away on 21/October/2008 at around 9.45pm. For a little man he walked many a mile and climbed many a mountain. He was grumpy sometimes and grumbled a bit but I will always remember him for the twinkle in his eye as he chuckled.

It was Denver who introduced me to the St. Stanislaus Alumni movement in April 2006 when he convinced me to make the trip to Uplat-Talasari. He was the former Secretary of SSESA and served the Association for many years.

Thank You my friend...Go in Peace

Funeral mass was held on 23 October 2008 at St. Teresa's Church, Bandra at 10am followed by burial at St. Andrew's Church cemetery.

The greatest years of my life

Hi guys!

Truly, those were the greatest years of my life.

From running down the corridors of this majestic school during the short breaks, to learning core values of life; I am indeed proud to be called a Stanislite.

This school has ingrained within us the basic foundation not only in the realm of education, but in morals, discipline, values and itegrity. Subsequent to passing out from this great institution, I was never again exposed to any kind of mentoring and nurturing by any other institution.

Being in the shipping industry in am in touch with ( Capt. ) Shashi D'Souze, ( Capt. ) Listen Periera and have met up with quite a few of our batchmates ( Sanjay Pandalay, Giles Periera, Uday Welling ) during our 'competency' examinations.

After sailing at sea from 1981-2005 I have finally hung up my sea boots, residing in Mumbai ( Andheri ) and work for 'Seaspan Ship Manaagement - Vancouver' at their local office in Mumbai. I am blessed with a wife, a son and a daughter.

An important aspect is that whenever I come across a 'Stanislite' from which ever  batch, there is still a special bonding among us and this just goes to indicated the tremendous influence this great institution has instilled within us.

I have only just signed up and will try and source some of our class photographs and upload them online.

PS: Does anyone know the whereabouts of our batch topper, Arvind Prabhu?

Really, what is more relevant than the Proverbs of King Solomon to sum up the magnificience and influence this great institution has had on all of us. Yes, we are overwhelmed.

Listen to advise and accept instruction and in the end you will be wise. Proverbs 19:20

Thank you and God bless you all,

Alfred Gomez






Teachers Year Unknown

Teachers Year Unknown

Teachers: Year Unknown Front Row: R-L Maud D'lima, Ida Braganza, ___, Celene Gracious Back Row: L-R __, Marie D'sales

The Best Schools in Mumbai West

School Main Entrance

St. Stanislaus has been rated among the ten best Schools in the Western suburbs. Read the story that appeared in the Hindustan Times

St Stanislaus School pay homage to famous alumni Leo Pinto


by Pradeep Vijayakar (Class of 1966)

Mumbai: Students of the St Stanislaus High School Bandra observed a minute's silence when school opened on Wednesday morning as homage to a famous alumni,India's oldest surviving Olympian, Leo Pinto, who passed away at the age of 96 on Tuesday.Later a few schoolboys carried the school flag and created an arch of hockey sticks as the coffin was taken from St Francis D'Assisi Church to the St Peters seaside cemetery.

At the mass, Fr Jude Fernandes SJ, Principal of St Stanislaus, Pinto's Alma Mater, said the player with his Olympiad deeds, had vindicated the school's motto, `Natus Ad Majora' which meant 'Born for Greater Things'.

After the service Pinto's granddaugher read a tribute recalling  her grandfather's genial nature. No wonder the church was full, as if entire Bandra had turned up.
Before the body was lowered into the grave the students of St Stanislaus and their sports director Hycinth Cardoz , sang the schools anthem after which the people paid respects to daughter Susan and son Darryl.

A host of sportsfolk from Tata Sports Club led by billiards ace Mike Ferreira, Anu D'Cruz, Apanna, Gilbert and Clarence Lobo and players of a later era like Diago D'Souza were present. Ferreira summed up the feelings of the players when in his tribute he said, "I had the good fortune of being with Leo Pinto for a long time during my job with Tomco and again when Pinto worked with the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra. I never ever saw him sad." From Hockey Olympians of the 60s like Kulwant Arora, to those of later years like Mervyn Fernandes, Joaquim Carvalho(a Stanislite), Mir Ranjan Negi,Viren Rasquinha (a Stanislite) and Dhanraj Pillay  were there to lift the coffin

Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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