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Looking for some boarders of St. Stanislaus

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Anthony A Mendonca

Ignatius Braganza
Ronald Rasquinha
Leeladhar ( can't recall the family name )
Leo/Lucas Cardoz
Cyril Furtado
Martin D'sa
Woy Fernandes
Thomas Castellino

Thank you very much
Tony Mendonca
Boarder & Class of 1975

Maj. General (Retd.) Eustace D'souza Rest in Peace

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform you of the passing of one of  our most eminent alumni Maj. General (Retd.) Eustace D'souza PVSM (Class of 1937) on 26-March-2013 at 5pm.

The funeral service of Maj. General (Retd) Eustace D'souza PVSM was held on Sunday 31 March 2013 at 1600 HRS IST at St Peter's Church, Bandra West, Mumbai followed by burial at Mt. Carmel Church, Bandra.


Learning for Life: The spirit of St. Stanislaus

I was really looking forward to Sesquicenternary road race on 30-Sept 2012. I have been road running for many years and really enjoy the solitude that Bandra's empty streets offer at 5.30am. This was the first time I would actually run a race, even if an ex-students race. A brisk walk to the school background served as a warm up before the run. I was greeted with the background filled with kids from schools around Bandra of all shapes and sizes. There were the barefoot runners from St. Catherine's Home, Cardinal Gracias and Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir Bandra East to the well kitted boys and girls from the local schools.

All my illusions of a quick race and back home were soon forgotten when I encountered the festival like atmosphere at the ground. Thus began a long wait for our turn to run.  The races began from the Under 8's and ended with the Under 17's. Ours was slated to be the third last race. However it was time well spent as I was able to interact with the oldest participant Fr Joseph Prabu (Class of 1949) and many in between. All were impatient and eager to run. I also enjoyed the time interacting with the kids who were as eager as us to run.

Yeshwant Ohal Rest in Peace

Just heard that Yeshwant Ohal who was  staff at St. Stanislaus in in the 70's to 90's passed away earlier today. Yeshwant was ailing for some time having suffered a paralytic stroke. Rest in Peace Yeshwant.

Do you have a BIG heart to donate blood?

SSESA ( is organizing a Blood donation camp in the School Therapy room (near the Gym/Swimming pool) on this Saturday 19th November 2011 between 8am-1.30pm. While I am no more in the SSESA Managing Committee I help out whenever required.
First thiughts about the blood donation camp were "good idea, don't have the time, you have my support, you go ahead and donate blood" empty words really after what I heard from Holy Family Hospital who are conducting the blood donation camp.
They kept bugging Ilidio Borges who is co-ordinating this camp with phone calls 2-3 times a week asking about when SSESA was organizing the camp. To get them off his back Ilidio asked them what the deal was? Why the persistance and bugging? We were all surprised and shocked to learn there is an acute shortage of blood of all types even the common O+ leave alone the AB - and others. This is in our backyard where any of us or our families could need blood.
I am going to be donating blood on the 19-Nov and I appeale to all living in Mumbai to please make the time and donate blood. Seems trivial and a waste of time...only till one from my family requires blood in an emergency.
Thanks...(end of sermon)

Thank You Stanislites for supporting Healthcare 2011

Fund raising for the St. Stanislaus Teachers Healthcare program is a stressful time. We had a target of Rs 5 Lakhs and a deadline of raising the money before 25-October and we have been doing it for the last five years. Today 21-Oct we reached our target of Rs 5 lakhs after about 35 days.

This year has been especially stressful as we did not have an online payment gateway available and I was fearful that we may not reach our target. Online payments really give momentum to our fund raising efforts. However one person has over the years been silently raising funds (His Class of 1975 will testify not so silently :) ) for the cause without any demand to be recognized. Take a bow Bryce D’silva (Class of 1975). You are truly “Born for Greater things”, you give without counting the costs.

This year we were doubly blessed when Devdas Kamath (Class of 1976) worked with his batchmates to top the Class Ranking for funds raised.

Thank You my friends, I can sleep easier tonight.


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